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Repairing A Damaged Relationship Between You and Your Child

Any advice for a parent-child relationship that has been damaged by excessive conflict? 

Coaching Optimism To The Pessimistic Child



Any advice for the child who sees the world as half empty?


College Bound Students Making Difficult Budget Choices

Dr. Stephen Jones

Military Veterans Need a College Success Plan

Dr. Stephen Jones

Mentoring a Key to School Success

 Mentoring is one of the key elements of a successful school.  Although the positive impact of mentoring is widely none it often falls down the list of school priorities.  School administrators are overwhelmed by mandates like adequate yearly progress.  They are focused on raising test scores and they follow traditional solutions.  There is an assumption that class instruction alone will yield better scores.  Courses such as English, math and science are critical measures of knowledge but intellectual growth can grow in other ways too.  Mentoring is

How to Succeed on Final Examinations

 Dr. Stephen Jones

College Bound Students Flocking to Social Networks

By Dr Stephen Jones 

High School Students Career Path in the Twilight Zone

By Dr. Stephen Jones

High School Students Need Bridge to College Success

By Dr. Stephen Jones

Parent Involvement Key to Student Achievement

 Educators have said active parent involvement raises a student’s academic performance.  Yet school districts have witnessed a steady decline in parent participation.  Gone are the days when a mother stayed at home to raise children and participate in school activities.  Parents are happy when they are not called to the school regarding their son/daughters behavior.  Something needs to be done to make parent involvement in K12 schools a high priority on their list of daily activities.

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