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ADHD: To Test or Not to Test

From time to time I will hear that an individual "is being tested for ADHD" as though there were some objective diagnostic tool which allows certain identification of the underlying condition, in the sense that one may be "tested" for Lyme's disease.

In fact, there is no "test" for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Rather, ADHD is a clinical diagnosis made on the basis of
  • an interview,
  • history,

But What about Intrinsic Motivation?

After discussion of the how's and why's of positive reinforcement, the question inevitably comes up.  A parent will lower her chin to her chest, widen her eyes, and get a really serious look on her face.  "But shouldn't you just do some things because you're supposed to?  How long do I have to reward him for doing things that other kids his age are just doing?  What about intrinsic motivation?"

Emotional Eating “The battle for the mind”!

Emotional Eating “The battle for the mind”! By Craig Stellpflug NDC Healing Pathways Medical Clinic Tempe, AZ Copyright 2010 Craig Stellpflug©. Permission is herby granted to copy and distribute this article but only in its entirety Eating can be a highly emotional process. Food does more than just fill our stomachs. If you take more notice of what you are eating, why you are eating it and what you are feeling it may surprise you. While eating to satisfy hunger is a normal function, emotional eating can be a self defeating and destructive force in someone’s life.

Coaching Children To Confidently Adapt To The Challenges Of Change

A parent writes: Our kids avoid change and shun anything new. They are both getting ready to start new schools and we don’t know how to help them.   

Coaching Compassion And Kindness To The Sadistic Sibling




Parents write, “Our older son is so mean and sadistic to our younger son that we minimize family vacations, and time together. Help!”

Coaching Adolescent Attunement To The “Mirror-Me” Parent

A parent writes: Our teenage daughter will not talk to us, and she tells us that we won’t accept her for who she is. We are tough parents who expect a lot from her. What should we do?

Childhood Obesity and the Bullies

Childhood Obesity and the Bullies

Childhood obesity has been a problem for quite a while now. Its one thing for adults to be overweight but seeing children in that condition can be hard to fathom. Yet it happens.


Emotions, Mixed Dominance and the Brain


By Craig Stellpflug NDC

Healing Pathways Medical Clinic

Tempe, AZ

Copyright 2009 Craig Stellpflug©.

Involving Children in Anti-bullying Projects

Peer Abuse aka Bullying is still a raging problem amongst us in society. The bullycide of Phoebe Prince still remains in the headlines and Massachusetts is still trying to get up to date with these same laws that exist in most every state now.

Bipolar Disorder and ADHD Symptom Overlap: ADHD is not FRED-PG13

Some estimates suggest that bipolar disorder occurs in about 1% of the population, with perhaps 4-6% of the population meeting the criteria for a "soft spectrum" bipolar variant. Almost certainly, the uptick we’ve noticed in bipolar diagnoses over the past several years is due to multiple factors. First, we are likely identifying bipolar disorder that we were missing before. Additionally, however, many clinicians suspect that the bipolar disorder diagnosis is being misapplied and over-applied. 

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