Anna Jarvis Birthplace Museum

Basic Information

Address: 3576 Webster Pike
Phone Number: 3042655549
Fax Number: none
Director: Olive Ricketts

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Additional Information

Days and Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 until 2:00

Tour of the Birthplace of the founder of Mothers Day, Anna Jarvis. The house was built in 1854 and you go back to that time peroid. We also have some Civil War History to show and tell about. The tour takes about 20 minutes or longer depends on questions.

Grade Levels:
Group Type: Anyone from children to adults can go on this tour
Disabled Access:

Some parts are ok but there is stairs to the second floor

Program Type:

History of the Jarvis Family and Civil War HistoryAA

Accreditation: AARP, Historical Site of State of WV, Places to see in WV
Admission/Tickets: $5.00 per ticket children of six is free
Registration: Large tours only
Food: no until set up ahead of time
Length of Visit: 20 minutes
Student/Staff Ratio: Only 10 per tour but have more the one tour guide
Max. Group Number: 10 -12 at a time
Exhibits: Over 5,000 items in the museum
Gift Shop/Factory Outlet: Yes
Amenities: Park with pavilion
Reservations Needed: Only for a large group

It is at 3576 Webster Pike, 119/250 four miles south of Grafton, WV.

Nearby Attractions: International Mother's Day Shrine (First Mothers Day Program in 1908), Adaland Mansion, Tygart Lake, Flemington Jail, Grafton Dam, Grafton National Cemeteries, Philippi Cover Bridge, Rosemont Lincoln School and Valley Falls State Park.
Mission Statement:

Thunder on the Tygart Foundation's mission statement is to perpetuate the heritage of West Virginia through education and preservation while stimulating economic growth and tourism of the North Central REgion.  We believe that West Virginia's future is in her history and that the uniqque people, resources and culture have yet to be recognized. 

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Everyone is a volunteer including the director

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