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Address: 620 8th Ave New York, NY 10018
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Director: Amanee Markos

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New York Times Student Journeys offers educational travel programs for high school students. Our portfolio visits destinations The Times has covered, where students can benefit from our special understanding and insider's view as they explore themes and topics associated with Times coverage of local issues.

Operating each of our Journeys is Putney Student Travel. Putney is as passionate about educational travel as The New York Times is about education. This collaboration combines the Times's expertise in adding perspective to places and events with Putney's long history of designing educational travel programs to present a range of experiences like no other.

Students can expect a collaborative group experience focused on each program's theme. Group leaders and a New York Times expert will guide students as they choose a culminating project related to the theme of the program, prepare it and present it to their peers at the end of the program.

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Contact to inquire about Disabled Access as it varies from program to program.

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CERN and the Swiss Alps: Pushing the Boundaries of Science

As scientists in Switzerland push the limits of human knowledge, how can they communicate their breakthroughs? Along with your leaders and a New York Times expert, visit world-class laboratories on the cutting edge of physics, mechanics, biology and astronomy. Interview researchers and investigate the technical and human aspects of science.

For centuries, Swiss scientists have been renowned for research and development that expands the realm of what humans can do and understand. But discoveries have the greatest impact only if the public understands them. Visit cutting-edge institutions and speak with scientists at the forefront of their fields to understand their work. In an area of stunning lakes and snowcapped mountains, see where the future of artificial intelligence and robotics is being invented, interview the researchers, and learn to incorporate the technical and human aspects of science.

Food: Provided
Length of Visit: 14 days, 13 nights

"I got the greatest sense of accomplishment from my final project and a clear, strong understanding of artificial intelligence and physics after visiting all of these research facilities." -- Zachary T., The Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn, NY

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