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Applied Scholastics1 Online Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeschoolers and distance learners acquire a lifelong love of learning. Our vision is to help create a world free from illiteracy by offering at home and online services where the uniqueness of the individual is embraced. We feel students should have the option of studying in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes or in safe-havens--free from unrest and distraction. We provide effective educational materials and innovative study methods. We use tools developed by American author and educator L. Ron Hubbard. This includes Study Technology2 founded upon decades of personal experience and educational research. As Hubbard wrote to Applied Scholastics in its formative stages, "It is of vital importance, as you are aware, that the quality of education be revitalized and improved. As Man is as able as he can learn and know--it is urgent that a workable learning technology is available to him." We envision a world in which people--with learning by Study Technology and self-confidence in their own unique individuality--are able to achieve their goals and improve their lives, thereby creating a new civilization founded upon knowledge and understanding. This far-reaching goal begins with the individual student and spreads from there.

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