Children's Educational Services

Children's Educational Services is a non-profit educational company that owns and operates two models of small, K-12 private schools for students with special needs and low income families. The Broach School is a character-based school committed to providing a safe, nurturing learning environment where children are motivated to succeed. Crossroads Christian School's mission is to uncover and develop the unique, God-given talents and abilities within each child. There are currently 4 Broach Schools and 3 Crossroads Christian Schools throughout the state of Florida. All CES schools are approved for Florida state scholarships, such as the McKay Scholarship designed for students with an IEP, the Step Up for Students Scholarship designed for low income families, and the Gardiner Scholarship for students with special needs.

CES' mission is to provide an educational environment with a moral foundation to develop the whole child for a successful life. The CES schools began to quickly carve out their niche within the K-12 private school space by providing an alternative approach to the traditional classroom. By maintaining smaller classrooms, employing qualified teachers skilled in assessing the student's grade level, differentiating the instruction necessary for each individual student, and offering a variety of teaching methods and curriculum within the context of an encouraging, nurturing environment, students have found great success in the CES academic program. The majority of students who enter a Broach or Crossroads Christian School are able to catch up to a desired grade level and stay on course for graduation.

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