Coral Castle Museum

CORAL CASTLE Top ranked by TripAdvisor / Yelp! Top
10 Historic Hot Spot / Museum/ Theme Park in S. FL. Ed Leedskalnin was 100 lbs. and stood
just over 5 feet tall. He built his castle in secret leaving scientists, engineers, scholars baffled since 1923. See a 9-ton gate, a Polaris telescope and the world's only Sundial with seasons. Some of the Castle's pieces are twice the weight of the largest blocks of the great pyramids of Egypt. Seen on History Ch., Travel Ch. Discovery Ch, Univision, BBC. Live tours.

Often referred to as America's Stonehenge, the Coral Castle has baffled scientists, engineers and scholars since its opening in 1923. How could a five-foot tall, 100 pound man single handedly carve and move such incredible amounts of coral rock? How did Ed make hand tools from a junk yard to create a nine-ton gate so perfectly balanced it swung open with a touch of a finger! The Coral Castle has been featured in Life Magazine, "In Search Of", "You Asked For It!", and "Ripley's Believe It or Not", "That's Incredible", The History Channel, and registered with The National Historic Places since 1984.

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