The Fedcap School

The Fedcap School in West Orange, New Jersey, breaks barriers and improves the quality of life for high school students with disabilities, specifically those classified as emotionally disturbed. The excellence of our instructional programs, superiority of our educationally related services, care provided by our highly trained, highly certified, professional staff in a nurturing school milieu and the support of research based programs and committed community members, makes us extremely successful in fulfilling this noble cause.

The primary mission of the Fedcap School is academic learning, knowledge acquisition, understanding, judgment, behavior modification, competence in the arts and sciences and structured learning experiences through high impact internships.

Our mission is to provide equal access to excellent educational opportunities for all students. Accordingly, students acquire credits in the core major subjects as well as art, music engineering and recording, building trades and culinary arts, enabling them to graduate with a New Jersey high school diploma and a transition plan.
The academic, problem solving and social skills our students develop while attending the Fedcap School better enable them to take full advantage of future learning and career opportunities as they transition from school to career on the path to independent living.

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