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The Flexi-Felt® chair leg cover is a green choice when it comes to reducing noise and protecting your floors since they are made with a non-allergenic natural rubber with a wool/polyester felt.. They are much more compact than the nylon felt tennis balls (3 times less material) and they last up to 15 times longer. So in fact over a 10 year period the Flexi-Felt® will use up 45 times LESS landfill space than tennis balls.

Home Models

Tired of sticky felts that don't work? Now the same unbeleivable quality as our school model Flexi-Felt is available in our clear sleeve home models. Flexi-Felt Clear is the Clear solution to floor protection. Come and see why the Flexi-Felt Clear is so different.

Classroom noise reduction

We have tested the Flexi-Felt® classroom noise reduction capabilities by using a sound meter. On average the Flexi-Felt® reduced the noise of a 25 student classroom by over 90%. Studies have shown that children learn best in a silent environment. The teachers will also appreciate not having to raise their voice over the chair movement noise.
Listen to the difference Flexi-Felt Makes on a Chair
Listen to the difference Flexi-Felt Makes on a table
Listen to the Flexi-Felt in a whole CLASSROOM

Flooring protection

The Flexi-Felt® furniture glide is simply the best flooring protection available due to its patented design. The Flexi-Felt® increases the contact surface area thus reducing friction. Because the Flexi-Felt® is always flat on the floor, there is no premature wear on the pad, which also means no premature wear on your floors! The wool/polyester felt is simply the softest, most durable felt material for floor protection.