Game Camp Nation

Summer Camps

Weeklong and multi-week day and overnight summer programs for ages 7-17

Held at an upscale extended-stay hotel near you (Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG)

Established in 2006
Game Camp Nation

Within our programs students learn new STEM skills which necessary for success in today's media-driven world: creativity & innovation, critical thinking & problem solving, communication & collaboration. They can earn XP and level-up within our program by conquering harder and harder course challenges, and strive for our cap - the coveted level 30 - over several summers, or attend both weeks this summer to fast-track their progress.

All of our year-round faculty have at least bachelor's degrees and the remaining instructors are in possession or pursuit thereof. We teach our students in small groups with a ratio of no more than 7:1 in order to encourage learning and allowing them to move at their own pace.

It's also summer and time for some fun and relaxation. So, between their classes they can play an FPS, RTS or MOBA match in the media lab, take a swim in the pool, play some Magic the Gathering, or claim a seat and grab a controller to race, fight, and battle your way to glory on the camp's leaderboard.

Two-Week & Year-Round Boot Camps
College-prep, rigorous, two week & year-round day and overnight boot camps for ages 13 - 17.

Game Camp Nation Boot Camps for Teens
Learn new STEM skills on the same industry-standard tools used by professionals. Upgrade to our year-round experience, and upon successful completion earn a certificate for your resume or college portfolio.

Be a part of our team as we develop a Game Camp Nation original video game. Choose one of our courses that you want to hone your video game creation skills in: Video Game Programming, Sound Engineering, or 3D Modeling. If you're interested in becoming a counselor at Game Camp Nation, sign-up for our Leadership program. Register for any of these two-week summer programs and add-on a 3-day weekend in the fall, and a 3-day weekend in the spring. Also, one of our year-round faculty members will be assigned to your child as a year-round mentor to help with camp assignments between sessions.

Between their classes they can battle their way to glory on the camp's leaderboard by playing in our FPS, RTS or MOBA Tournaments in the media lab, or play some Magic the Gathering in the common room.

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