Your cruise ship when down and you washed ashore unto an unknown beach. You realize that one of your very first problems will be water for drinking. What method of thinking will your brain use to approach your situation? Those who study the psychology of creativity say you will be thinking "divergently." Divergent thinking provides many creative approaches to a problem where there isn't a single simple solution. It involves intuition, flexibility, associative thought, novel ideas, and thinking out of the box.

In contrast, IQ and other standardized tests measure only "convergent thinking" that follows a logical analytical process to come up with the one right answer often based on memorized knowledge. Most science kits seek to enhance skill in the scientific method solidly based on convergent thinking.

Glitterins® Science Kits and Toys are actually about developing divergent thinking through free imaginative play with the tools often provided by science kits but modified to encourage more self-exploration and use. For this reason our polarizing films have foldable stands for ease and flexibility of use as well as hands-free exploration and sharing. Activities are starters rather than the end objective of the play activity which is endless and limited only by the imagination of the user which we seek to expand.

Most mass market toys are designed for imaginative and creative play. Children enjoy exploring and learning with the freedom to expand their own imagination. However, most of these toys do not provide tools found in science kits. We have a mission of bringing traditional science toys into the mass market with kits designed for open-ended experiences and not restricted to closed activities, memorization, and testing. We likewise encourage learning shared by all ages within a family together.

So, if you and your whole family are lost on a beach after your ship went down, you will come up with multiple plans for survival. Coconuts have water and their shells can serve as a means to catch the rain. That is could be just one activity. Let's come up with many more.

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