Ideliverphones LLC

Hello, my name is Kevin Szkolnik, President of ideliverphones LLC. I have been in the telecom business for over 25 years and we are a Disabled Veteran Owned Business in the Life Line Business.

It has recently come to my knowledge that many low-income individuals strive for a chance to receive hi-speed internet at an affordable price. Our company is a Master Agent, and we have many services such as Lifeline and K12 Academics. Within companies, we offer a free smartphone for new customers who are on financial assistance. Customers who qualify for this service are those who are Veterans receiving VA pension or on disability, senior citizens on a social security income, families on state assistance, parents with children who are in free school lunch programs or on food stamps, college students and individuals who are struggling with poverty.

My companies goal is to deliver unlimited hi-speed internet to such individuals for only $9.95 a month. The Internet at this price will fulfill many needs for the customers listed above. Such needs that can be fulfilled are: the ability to fill out online job applications, the children of our customers can have the opportunity to complete homework online, and our senior citizens can become more familiar with the many opportunities the internet beholds. We can also offer coaching opportunities to anyone who is not familiar with recent technology.

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