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KCP offers a unique opportunity to become proficient in the Japanese language and to thoroughly experience the Japanese culture. Our 80 faculty and staff are each experienced and eager to help students. Most of the students at KCP are from other Asian countries such as Korea, Thailand and Taiwan; this makes for a truly unique educational experience. Class size is only 15 to 20 students with an average of 3 instructors per class. Students get the attention they need and deserve. KCP is the right choice for dedicated students who want to learn about Japan and its language.

Studying with a diverse student body from around the world contributes to the experience. In today's climate of global understanding, it is vital to appreciate cultural practices, political and economic systems, and historical backgrounds of countries different from your own. At KCP International Japanese Language School, students from many different cultures, with distinct languages and traditions, can learn the Japanese language and culture . . . and grow together in their understanding of each other. Many Asian students in the program are genuinely interested in American life and culture, so there is plenty of opportunity for spirited social exchange.

KCP International
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