Name Dropper

Common Sense Products began in 1983, and for more than 30 years we have been helping families stamp their clothes for camp, school, nursing care, and much more. To the best of our knowledge, we created the first self-inking permanent ink stamp--over time the industry has followed suit, and nowadays there are stamp products and services for every purpose imaginable. We, however, only offer one type of stamp… The NAME-DROPPER clothing stamp.

Effective, easy to use, and available for both light and dark clothing, the NAME-DROPPER stamp has stood the test of time…by saving yours. Years ago it was a daunting task to sew name tapes into each piece of clothing, and it could take hours for a summer's worth of camp clothes. Marking pens were just too messy, bleeding through fabric unintelligibly or washing out right away. The NAME-DROPPER Stamp cuts that time down to minutes, leaves a crisp, clear, long-lasting mark that won't show through, and re-applies easily when the time comes--meaning you can have a trunk load of clothes marked and ready to go with ease.

When we started the company, it was about helping camps and schools to reduce their piles "Lost & Found" and ease the headache of sorting through unmarked, nearly identical clothing to recover belongings. That is just as true today as it was over 30 years ago, and now there is an increased financial factor--things still get lost, and they haven't gotten any cheaper. Especially with the high-tech fabrics used in modern athletic and leisure clothing alike, replacing lost items can get expensive. Between the time and the money this little stamp can save you, it's easy to see why so camps from California to Maine recommend NAME-DROPPER to all their families.

We've been in the business of stamping clothes for long enough to know what does and doesn't work. Stamping a cotton T-shirt may be a "no-brainer," but some sport fabrics or thick, rough materials are more of a challenge. We pride ourselves in offering solutions for marking almost any clothing, so please don't hesitate to call or email us before you buy--or after you run into something interesting!

Finally, we have always been proud to stand by our work, and that's why we have had a "No-Questions-Asked" One Year Return Guarantee policy since the beginning… and we always will.

- The Original Self-Inking Clothing Stamp Remains the Industry Best with The First & Only PLACE-HOLDER TOOL
- Why Settle for Less Than The Most Effective Results? Get Quick, Easy, Long-Lasting Imprints with NAME-DROPPER & PLACE-HOLDER TOOL Combo
- PLACE-HOLDER is the Only Way to Layer Ink Deep into Fabric without Smudging or Over-Inking--and the Results Last for Months
- PLACE-HOLDER TOOL Maintains Alignment while You Lift NAME-DROPPER, Check Progress & Replace to Keep Stamping
- Doesn't Blur & Bleed like Markers or Itch & Annoy like Labels
- Invented by a Dad with a Laundry Problem, NAME-DROPPER is Perfect for Parents, Camps, K-12, Military Schools, Nursing Care & much more

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