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Peak Performance pride ourselves on not only the customized packages that we design for our clients that include extra benefits for your group but also the personal service we bring to each client relationship.

Peak Pro

A tour coordinator is assigned to each account immediately upon its request for a proposal. The Coordinator works with you throughout the proposal process, develops the program with you in bringing it to contract but unlike other companies, once a contract is signed your tour coordinator continues to be your contact. Payment schedules, itinerary changes and general information about your trip are handled by the same person so you are not dealing with numerous people within the organization. Schedule permitting, the tour coordinator may also accompany you on the trip.

Tour Managers

Our full-time Tour Managers accompany you throughout your stay 24/7 and are on property with you. They assist with hotel check-in, security and transportation upon arrival. Escorts finalize all transportation logistics, confirm all restaurant reservations, obtain theater and/or activity related tickets and coordinate the site details relating to music performances if that's applicable to your group. Escorts serve as your group's concierge in dealing with any questions or unexpected itinerary changes that occur once the trip has begun and their primary objective is to ensure seamless execution of all the itinerary logistics.


Peak will provide you with whatever transportation is needed from the moment you leave the school and throughout your trip, whether your travel is by Air, Train, Boat or Bus. When choosing a bus company, Peak Performance Tours goes to great lengths to find you the highest quality and safest motor coaches on the road. Every bus company must carry $5,000,000.00 worth of public liability insurance, be registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT), all drivers must hold valid CDL licenses and Medical certificates, and all companies must have a program for driver drug and alcohol testing. In addition we screen our companies on maintenance and emergency procedures.


Our primary focus is on safety as well as comfort. All of our proposals include first-class accommodations with a full-American breakfast. We are not in partnership with any hotel chain and therefore, choose hotels that are strategically located in support of the itinerary. Limited-service hotels with a deluxe continental breakfast are available to our clients depending budget parameters, but is only provided upon request. You should discuss these options with your tour coordinator.


Our primary focus is to provide well-balanced meals which takes into account everyone's dietary needs. When possible the tour city's culture and cuisine are part of the decision process, as well.


Private security will be hired to watch over your student's rooms nightly from 11 pm to 5 am. Depending on the size of the group, one or two guards may hired - one for girls and one for boys. Their responsibility is two-fold. They will make sure that hotel guests outside of the group do not disturb your students and they will make sure the students stay in their room once you set a curfew, so that your chaperones can have a nice restful sleep.

Emergency ID Cards

Every student that travels on an overnight trip with Peak Performance Tours receives an ID Card for emergency purposes. These cards contain the name of the school, Director's name and cell phone number, hotel name and phone number, and tour escorts name and cell phone number. A cell phone is provided by Peak for the Director so no charges are incurred on his/her personal cell phone.

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