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Simple Stencil Schools™ vinyl wall lettering allows your school to add inspiration, style and spirit to your school walls, windows, doors and more! It looks professionally painted but is easy to install (even the kids could do it)! Click here for an overview of the installation process of applying vinyl lettering on your school walls. Our Simple Stencil Schools™ online catalog has a large selection of designs to suit all areas of your school! There is something for everyone and every grade level! >From motivational quotes for the Gymnasium to inspirational quotes for the Library, we have a design for your school. You can browse our online catalog by Room, Grade Level, School Subjects, Holidays, etc. If you don't see a design you're looking for or would like to design your own school lettering, (such as School Mottos, Mission Statements and Pledges), you can do so in our ONLINE DESIGN CENTER which will allow you to create your own custom wall lettering in a large variety of styles, colors and sizes to fit your school needs.

If you would like your School logo, motto, pledge, etc. created into a customized Simple Stencil, we can do that too! Simply Email Us your request and a member of our Simple Stencil Schools™ family will design something just for you. Be sure to send us your school logo, mascot, etc. if you would like it created into a Simple Stencil. These are popular as fundraisers as Simple Stencils™ can be used to show school spirit at home, on cars, notebook covers, etc..

Simple Stencil Schools™ Vinyl Wall Lettering (customized and pre-made designs) give a "painted" stencil look at a fraction of the price. Simple Stencils Schools™ are self adhesive die-cut vinyl wall lettering and designs that are applied quickly and easily to walls, mirrors, windows, doors, tiles, chalkboards, lockers, vehicles, and other smooth surfaces. Unlike traditional painted wall stencils, our vinyl wall lettering is removable but is professionally made and will stay in place until you are ready to remove, making it ideal for school clubs, sporting events, holidays, directional signage, announcements, school fundraising, etc..

Questions? Visit our Support pages to read more about our products or Contact us for more information. If you would like to try a SimpleStencil™ to see if wall lettering will work on your walls, or if you would like to get a swatch of our beautiful matte finish colors, visit our Free Sample Request page.

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