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Does my child have Auditory Processing Disorder?

Auditory processing disorder affects about 5% of school-age children. Children with auditory processing are unable to process the information they hear in the same way as others because their ears and their brains do not coordinate together completely. Something adversely affects the way their brain recognizes and interprets sounds, most notably the sounds composing speech.

Successful Reading Interventions for students with Dyslexia

Diagnosis is the fundamental first step in successfully helping a child with dyslexia and the earlier, the better. It is never a good idea to wait or prolong testing. This will only put the child further behind. Children, who receive help early on, can catch up to their classmates. Later-identified children miss out on essential practice. Reading fluency comes from repeatedly practicing the same words over and over again so that the brain eventually identifies the words rapidly.

Dyslexia Signs and Symptoms

Dyslexia is estimated to affect some 20-30 percent of our population. This means that more than 2 million school-age children in the United States are dyslexic!

Would You Marry Someone with Bipolar Disorder?

Would you marry a man or woman with untreated bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is characterized by mental highs and lows. For some sufferers, the highs and lows can last for months. For others, it's relative in that the highs can last for hours and the lows can last for hours.

Dating a bipolar individual can be either like:
1. A roller coaster full of unexplained anger and disagreements in which case it's important to realize that the relationship is basically doomed unless there is an intervention of treatment for bipolar personality.

Helping Children With Autism Find Social Acceptance

 Any ideas to help our autistic child find a friendlier response from his peers?

Learning to read with Orton-Gillingham

Learning to read in English would be such a simple task if all similar-sounding phonemes were spelled the same.  They aren’t.  English is such an unfair language with so many iniquitous rules!  For most of us, learning to read means memorizing the symbolic code of letter combinations and then using them in new contexts.  Many of us just read naturally, understanding that these letter combinations create words and s

Auditory Processing and Learning

If your child has problems learning to read, write, spell and comprehend, they might have APD – an often-overlooked learning disability.  Almost every school activity, including listening to teachers, interacting with classmates, singing along in music class, following instructions in physical education, etc, depends on the capability for students to process sounds and have a strong auditory system in learning.  But what happens if this auditory system has deficits?  Can a child still learn?

Four Easy Stress Techniques to Manage Stress

There are several basic stress techniques to use everyday to deal with:
1. Physical factors
2. Nutritional Stress
3. Climatic Stress
4. Emotional Stress

Physical factors: Whenever we are stressed to meet deadlines, deal with interpersonal relationships that are tenuous--children mis behaving, supervisors making demands, and so on--the fight or flight part of our nervous system gets involved. We are impacted much the same way as if we were being physically threatened and it happens whenever our ego is threatened.

Three Tips on How to Control Binge Eating

The first step on how to control binge eating is by being aware. That's right, the first most effective means of dealing with binge eating is awareness. Typical awareness techniques are:
1. Counting calories.
2. Using food equivalents.
3. Behavioral modification techniques such as:
        a. using a smaller plate.
        b. putting the fork down between bites.
        c. eating very slowly.
4. Daily weigh in.

How to Control Binge Eating as Part of Your Personal Improvement Plan

Comfort and boredom eating are two contributing factors to over eating. Obesity along with all the associated health and no self worth issues is the cost of lack of food control.

In fact if all overeating were because of habit, it would be easy to lose all the weight one wanted to and keep it off. The problem is that for many decades, the over eating problem has been treated mainly as a habit. The most effective techniques for dealing with habitual eating is awareness.