Involving Children in Anti-bullying Projects

Peer Abuse aka Bullying is still a raging problem amongst us in society. The bullycide of Phoebe Prince still remains in the headlines and Massachusetts is still trying to get up to date with these same laws that exist in most every state now.

Programs and other sites continue to crop up and more people are getting involved and doing what they can to prevent this from happening. What is really awesome is when young people take action. Many times bystanders have more power than they realize. They can prevent this abuse either when it is occurring or preventing it from occurring. There is a group of kids who have done just that.

Project Anti-bully is a site designed to help in preventing this problem. It gives the information on what the problem is, some prevention and the requisite You Tube videos about bullying. Also, games and other activities. What’s the difference in this site from other sites? The group that maintains this project is made up of children. The President, Fabianna Pergolizzi, is only 18 years old and in her first year of college. Pergolizzi has been a presenter at the British Psychological Association in Dublin, Ireland. Also, at the American Psychological Association 160 year anniversary and is the youngest person to ever present for the APA. This is no ordinary kid but one who has taken time to do her own research and bring this all together. Along with the children, they work and do what they can to prevent bullying.

Students need to get on board and do what they can to prevent bullying in their schools. Peers reaching peers is the most affective way in getting these problems stopped as peer acceptance is important during the formative years. I commend this group of individuals for taking the time to devote to the cause. Please, let your community know about this group and see how their own young people can become involved. It only takes a voice to make a world of difference in the lives of others.