Mentoring a Key to School Success

 Mentoring is one of the key elements of a successful school.  Although the positive impact of mentoring is widely none it often falls down the list of school priorities.  School administrators are overwhelmed by mandates like adequate yearly progress.  They are focused on raising test scores and they follow traditional solutions.  There is an assumption that class instruction alone will yield better scores.  Courses such as English, math and science are critical measures of knowledge but intellectual growth can grow in other ways too.  Mentoring is more than a one way interaction.  It takes a person who has a passion for student success. Mentoring brings classroom knowledge alive.

The Number One Club has included mentoring as a key element of its programming.  Why is mentoring such an important aspect of a student development?  Students are frequently limited to the career experiences of people in their own communities.  It is difficult for them to uncover the wide variety of jobs in hospitals, corporations and in the government.  In fact there are thousands of non-profit organizations who need the inflow of young people.  Mentors can be influential in exposing students to their future.  The Number One Club mentors understand the value of mentoring and sharing their career experiences.

The positive results of mentoring are clear?  Students who have a mentor graduate from high school and college.  It seems that a mentor is able to bring a different perspective to each student.  The mentor is able to reinforce the value of education.  They can discuss how it changed their life and how they maintain contact with their mentors. They can also share the different challenges that they have overcome by using their knowledge and their education throughout their career.

Having a mentoring program is a great way to motivate a student to achieve a goal that was beyond their own expectation.  Sometimes it is hard for a student to uncover all of their own gifts.  A student’s own fears can get in the way of growing intellectually and emotionally.  The mentor is a person who will invest their time and talents helping a student to reach new levels of leadership and determination. The Number One Club is the ideal partner for a school that’s looking to change the way students learn and have success in the classroom.  Mentors can be an external part of your school attendance support team.  Mentors are successful at helping students to prepare for future career opportunities. Know is the time for mentoring to thrive at every school.  for more information visit or call 610-842-3843.