Stop ADHD in 18 Days!

We live in a day and age where everything from food preparation to treatment of health conditions is expected to be fast, extremely fast. The public wants, as they say, “their cake and eat it too”, without gaining weight or affecting the body in any negative way. The consumer is subliminally manipulated by the pharmaceutical and food manufacturers with a mind set that sickness is common, and you deserve to reward yourself with food.

The food designed today has been formulated to compliment the current research on health conditions that are destroying us; ironically the food being produced is actually the cause of most health ailments. The most blatant example of this is hydrogenated fat; or Trans fat is good for heart function. Trans fat has recently been shown to be a source of inflammation.

These fats actually can clog the blood vessel walls (trans fat or partially hydrogenated fats are heated vegetable oils, with added hydrogen used in processed snack, convenience and fast foods). Trans fats are currently being addressed by the Heart Association as the leading cause of vessel inflammation versus an alternative to lard or saturated fat. Lucky for the public, this awareness has occurred.

Fat is essential for proper health. Each cell membrane is made out of fat. The leading cause of behavioral, emotional and mental health is the improper metabolism of fat. Your body needs fat; this documented physiology will take time to reverse in the consciousness in America . We have lived in a no fat or low fat phobia for years.

Behavioral and eating habits start early in life, really at 2 or 3 years old. Behavioral dysfunction starts in the development of the child while in the uterus. If mom has been eating processed or sugar laden foods, her liver will be over worked. The liver is the organ where fat metabolism occurs. Eating patterns and habits are passed on, from generation to generation.

There are an estimated five million children and eight million adults with ADHD. Eighteen percent of adults in America are depressed and take some type of medication. These two common conditions have similar causes, not enough long chained Omega 3 fats or DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and an amino acid called L-Tyrosine in the case of depression.

In nature the human body requires two fats, called essential fats that must come from eating food. These two are necessary for life. Eating greens, including romaine lettuce or green beans, for example, require steps to become EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA and a fat tissue hormone called a prostaglandin.

The two essential fatty acids are also classified as Omega 3 or 6. This is determined by a bond or link position in the fat chain. Omega 6 fat includes linoleic acid, which commonly is sourced from primrose, safflower or sunflower oils. Omega 6 fats can also be synthesized to make a fat called arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid can be directly sourced from red meat, milk, mollusks and shell fish. This fat causes pain, inflammation and blood vessels to be irritated. Commonly, arachidonic acid is considered a bad fat, and the one altered by aspirin. Minimizing dairy from experience, helps behavior challenges, because the arachidonic acid, in abundance interferers with the formation of DHA from the alpha-linolenic acid pathway.

Linoleic acid the Omega 6 fat precursor also goes through a series of steps also to become prostaglandin number one, which relieves pain and minimizes inflammation. Omega 6 fat or linoleic acid is commonly found in most diets today.

The other Omega fat, or Omega 3 fat, is called Alpha-linolenic acid. Apha-Linolenic acid from the Omega 3 fat ALA pathway becomes EPA, DHA and prostaglandin number three. See the Chart for the Omega 3 Fats.

We do not normally consume enough of the Omega 3 based green foods. The most popular vegetable in America today, is the French fry. Food, rather from the Omega 6 or 3 families, needs to go through steps as mentioned above or a pathway which require vitamins, minerals and enzymes. We live in a mineral deficient society. Our soil is mineral depleted from over farming. Sugar laced foods and stress also can use up mineral reserves. I supplement my patients with whole food vitamins and minerals when treating behavioral dysfunction. This supplementation enhances the formation for DHA, required for brain health.

The primary cause of ADHD and depression is a deficiency of DHA form the alpha-linolenic pathway. The major sabotaging agent preventing this from occurring is Trans fat or partially hydrogenated fat. This man made chemical interferes with your body's ability to create DHA from food the food you eat.

Incredibly most people do not eat whole foods, but food loaded with these Trans fats. It is estimated that one third of youths in America , from four to nineteen years old, eat fast food daily. It has been reported the most common item ordered is chicken nuggets. The real clincher is the half life of trans fat (half life, from your days of chemistry is the length of time it takes for an item to cycle) is 51 days, that means in 102, twenty five percent of the negative effect caused by the trans fat is still interrupting with the bodies ability to make DHA.

The molecular shape of the Trans fat is T; the shape of healthy cell fat is C or Cis. Cell membranes are links of C's. The half life of Cis fat is 18 days. That is why we saw positive results in our pilot program participants in 3 weeks and continue to see that in our practice. The T shape of Trans fat creates altered cell membrane function. Fluids are incapable of freely passing back and forth across the membrane. Your brain uses fat to send messages. Continued consumption of snack foods or convenience food interferes with DHA production.

There are several factors to consider that interferes with DHA production. Deficiencies of B vitamin complex including B6, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, precipitated by stress, poor food choices and mineral depleting sugar. Over eating refined sugar elevates insulin which can depress DHA production.

Regular consumption of dairy including yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, milk, pizza, resulting in an over abundance of too much Omega 6, in ratio to Omega 3 fat, also negatively effects DHA production. Food additives, very prevalent in nearly all commercial prepared food, including colors, taste enhancers, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and other can also stop DHA production. Food needs to be organic, fresh and near raw (cook animal and fish products).

ADHD symptomology over time, without correcting the underlying nutritional causes, will continue on as adult ADHD. The physiology creating ADHD continues on to depression and eventually Alzheimer's and dementia.

We are living in an epidemic of behavior dysfunction, millions of Americans are depressed. The medications prescribed can result in severe side effects, including death. My suggestion is eliminate processed food, dairy and refined sugar for 3 months. Please does this slowly, eat what you have in your cupboards, and replace items with foods without the ingredients mentioned. The food manufacturers are aware of the ingredients in their food.

You will notice less Trans fat in processed foods. There is Trans fat awareness spreading across our country. You need to read the label right. In my book, “Dr. Bob's Trans Fat Survival Guide”, I direct the consumer on the fact that a food manufacturer can say 0 Grams Trans Fat, and the product still has it in the ingredients disguised as partially hydrogenated oils. They can get away with it because of a loop hole that says you can say 0 grams Trans fat when the product has one-half gram or less of Trans fat per serving. Become label savvy.

My protocol for behavior dysfunction includes flax oil, one tablespoon daily per 100 pounds of body weight. Consider whole food supplements including 6 tablets of B and a mineral source. I suggest alfalfa as source of minerals. I normally suggest 3 daily. You need a direct source of DHA to start the process that is why I encourage one salmon capsule per day, taken before bed for 18 nights (the half life of Cis fat). This program should be followed for 102 days.

You will be pleasantly surprised. Stick with the program and your circle of friends will wonder what happened to you or your child. Take a salmon capsule at night on days you deviate from the diet that is eating sugar, dairy or Trans fat. I continually receive reports from patients with positive results.