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Child Sexual Abuse: the Hidden Epidemic

While abduction by a stranger is one of the most terrifying things for a parent to think about, children are actually far more vulnerable to abuse by people known to the family and community. Child abuse occurs when an adult causes, or threatens to cause, emotional, physical or sexual harm to a child. Child abuse includes physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

Advice with ADD/ADHD: For Parents of kids with ADD/ADHD

Having a child with ADD/ADHD is far too common in many families today. Even though I am a special education teacher, I was resentful and shocked when my son was diagnosed with this. I want to assure all of you that of all the disabilities I deal with, ADD/ADHD kids are the most intelligent, diligent and personable kids.

Teaching About Copyright in the Classroom

Fact #1- The "Fair Use" part of the US Copyright Law says that in most cases you can allow your students to use copyrighted material such as songs, photos, and other media as long as the finished product is not going to be reproduced and distributed.

Fact #2- In real life (outside the classroom) doing the same thing is illegal and a violation of copyright law punishable by fines and/or jail time.

The Curse of the "Easy A"

Many current music educators grew up in a time when being in an ensemble was solely about playing the music for the next concert. I personally cannot recall ever doing a worksheet or any real music theory work while in high school. It seemed that all I had to do to get an "A" was come to my lessons, play at the concerts, and otherwise stay out of trouble. Outside practice was expected but not enforced.

Being in Control: The Role of Integrative Biofeedback in Controlling ADHD- a natural choice.

Ritalin, the brand name for methylphenidate, is a central nervous system stimulant that produces pharmacological effects similar to those of cocaine and amphetamines. While many in the medical establishment consider the drug an effective way to control ADHD, others maintain that long-term medication is not the right approach to treating the condition.

Setting the Stage for Academic Success

The classroom is quiet as each student is working independently on their writing prompt. The topic today "Who is my hero?" is met with considerable glee as each student scurries to the bookshelf to find and select their "hero". I watch in amazement as my son sits and starts writing without a glimmer of hesitation.

Charting Your Child's Way to Academic Success

The classroom is empty with a lone exception; my son is reviewing his accomplishments from the day. The star chart that is taped to the upper right hand portion of his desk is his scorecard. A quick review shows him that he has stars placed next to all the important subjects; rocket math, resource, reading, writing prompt, citizenship, and behavior.

Improving Instruction in Inclusive Environments

A quick glance around the room made it clear that the teacher’s verbal directions were not being understood. In unison, the students turned to each other for clarification, and finding each was in the same predicament, it was time to ask the teacher for a repeat performance. After a review of the assignment directions the number of students who got it, wasn’t significantly changed from her first attempt.

Learning at the Kitchen Table

Learning is the essence of all human endeavor, particularly so when your child falls in the “special needs” category. Finding a job, going to school, in fact; participation in any life activity requires the ability to learn. This is a dilemma for many of us who parent specially gifted children. Brandon is in this category. So where do we begin the process of introducing concepts that will have long lasting impact on our kids?

Inclusion Lessons Learned: A Parents Perspective (Part III)

What you have read up to this point, and what you will read below is the culmination of a single year. My wife and I continue to follow this template and have found it to work because Brandon is growing socially and academically. It also works well because we’ve established good working relationships throughout his school and our community.