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Beyond What-Is

Beyond What-Is by Chick Moorman


Looking at what-is in your classroom appears at first glance to be a healthy way to view your students and your classroom situation. After all, what-is is what is, and to deny that or pretend it does not exist seems similar to having your head planted firmly in the sand.

The One Minute Behavior Modifier

The One Minute Behavior Modifier by Chick Moorman

“My dad went bowling last night and my backpack is in his truck.”

“She did it to me first.”

“My mom forgot to sign it.”

“The homework helpline didn't say it was due.”

“Somebody must have taken it.”

“It's not my fault that I'm late.”

Labs in Cooperation

Labs in Cooperation by Chick Moorman

Teachers hold different views on cooperative learning. Some see it as one of many very important tools for effective teaching. Others see it as an idea whose time has passed. Some teachers perceive this strategy as stimulating and rewarding. Others see it as a lot of work. Educators choose to see cooperative learning as helpful, time consuming, frustrating, challenging, or as a wonderful opportunity to help students learn interpersonal skills.