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Emotional Eating to Feed Your Feelings

Do you feed your feelings with emotional eating? If you munch when you feel down, upset, bored, excited, happy, confused, joyful, uncertain, malaise, bored..., then you are feeding your feelings.

Can you look at each of those feelings as a different persona? Sound strange?

Yes, there's Mr. Joy, Mrs. Boredom, Ms. Confusion, Master Upset and they are all in search of you for fun.  And they find tons of individuals with whom to play their games.

Cyberbully is Incarcerated

Wow! The unthinkable has happened and that is a Facebook cyber bully is now in jail. Yes, in jail for tormenting another young woman on Facebook and Bebo for several years. However, this did not happen in the United States but in the United Kingdom. I hope the United States will follow suit at some point and start incarcerating these bullies because this is criminal behavior and warants being treated as such.

Emotional Eating can Ruin Your Life

Emotional eating can ruin your life with dozens of extra pounds. Emotional Overeating can affect your self worth causing you to constantly sell yourself short, miss out on a social life, and contribute to low self esteem.

The good news is that when you know how to deal with emotions effectively, emotional overeating can be eliminated and those extra pounds gone bye-bye.

However, to do so, it's important to know that there are three kinds of over eating. First there is habitual eating, the second is emotional eating, and the third is self defeative eating.

More Cyberbullying Against Children

Wow! Another day and another case of abuse on the records. Yes, this time it is done by a 40 year old woman in Missouri by the name of Elizabeth A. Thrasher. I guess the acts of Lori Drew were not enough to either wake people up to these things or completely put a stop to them. This is the first case under the new Megan Meier Law in Missouri to be charged with felony harassment.

Mrs. Thrasher was having a feud with the girlfriend of her ex-husband. The 17 year old daughter of the girlfriend went over to

Sleep Aid for Children -- Reduce Anxiety in Children

True--there is a natural non-chemical sleep aid for children. Moments that you spend with your child before bedtime can be very precious. It's story time and they pass too fast unless your child had trouble going to sleep.

Then it's, "Mommy, mommy, I can't sleep, tell me another story!"

The whining goes on and on. You begin to feel like a slave and your child's bedtime becomes stress time. After all, after their bed-time is your time to relax and wind down from a long day.

Online safety and Lori Drew

Lori Drew is once again in the news. Recently, her case was dismissed in a Los Angeles Court which enraged me. It only set a precedence for more cases such as this and the fact that people will get away with online impersonations as she has done. I have felt strongly that social justice was not sought in this case. The Meier family will never have Megan again thanks to this woman. Yet she gets to go home and continue to watch her own daughter grow into adulthood. She has yet to pay for what she has done to the Meier family.

Coaching The Emotionally Immature Middle Schooler

A parent writes: Our 12 year old son is too immature to receive the privileges and freedoms of most kids his age. But he keeps asking and we want to coach him to where he needs to be.

ADD/ADHD Drug Alternatives

For the parents of a child diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, all is not lost! There are good and proven alternatives to medicating the child diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. However, the remedies are not always as easy as swallowing a pill. Taking the time to discover and correct the underlying factors to this disorder can be extremely rewarding and have a positive and lifelong impact even as the medications prescribed for this disorder can have a negative and even devastating lifetime effect.

Solutions for Dyslexia

Symptoms of Dyslexia:
Dyslexia is an information storage and retrieval issue in the brain.
The word dyslexia is derived from the Greek "dys" (meaning poor or inadequate) and "lexis" (words or language). Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by problems in expressive or receptive, oral or written language. Problems may emerge in reading, spelling, writing, speaking, or listening.

Lazy Eye A Developmental Disorder

Amblyopia, Strabismus, Lazy eye, Cross Eyed and Wall Eyed are names for the same basic eye problem; problems with eye convergence. This is a developmental issue where the information taken into both eyes is not correctly integrated and processed in the brain. The brain ends up ignoring the input from one eye and preferring the other eye. Sometimes the brain will switch eyes and alternate which eye it is using for input information. Lazy eye is an issue where the eye that is being ignored wanders off in other directions causing divergence and convergence issues.