Benefits to Advertising with K12 Academics

K12 Academics is one of the most respected, recognized and trafficked education resource and referral websites in the United States. We generate traffic from every County, Township and City in the U.S. Our extended focus to international education now brings us traffic from over 180 countries worldwide.

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Profile Description:
1- Esxtensive Contact Information listed- Phone, Fax, Email, Address, Website.
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8- Profiles can detail every aspect of your School, Business, Organization, Program, etc.

About K12 Academics:
1- Online Since 2004.
2- We are a national education resource & referral website.
3- We have over 450,000+ pages of resource information for students, parents, schools, teachers, administrators.
4- Over 250 National and International Directories for Education. The largest education marketplace on the internet.
5- Clientele base of over 10,000+ Schools, Districts, Camps, Libraries, Museums, Centers, Organizations & Businesses.
6- Listed on over 15,000 websites including U.S. Library of Congress and various State Department Websites.
7- Traffic over five million unique visitors, 25 million unique pageviews and 50 million hits per year.
8- Over 35,000 Followers on Social Media.
9- Over 40,000 Subscribers to our Monthly Newsletter.
10- Almost always the #1 ranked directory on the internet
11- Appear on page one of google for over 5,000 keywords.

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