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What you get:

  • Unlimited States and Categories to index your profile
  • Up to (5) images - (1) logo and (4) action shots
  • Videos can be uploaded to profiles via Youtube
  • Advanced HTML editing. Allows for pitcures, videos, links, different text colors and sizes.
  • Custom TAGS you can create for advanced browsing and searching capabilities
  • Unlimited Text for Descriptions
  • Link to your company website URL and email address
  • Traffic Monitoring for profile visits during the year
  • Ability to update/edit your profile at any time
  • Extensive marketing via our newsletters, websites, social media, print and online publications.
  • Your profile included in our monthly newsletter. Over 12,000+ subscribers.
  • Your profile advertised via our social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Wordpress, Tumblr, Myspace & Youtube
  • Real-time tracking via social media sharing icons: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Wordpress, Tumblr, Linkedin, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Buffer, Digg & Delicious
  • Your contact is included in our customer focused monthly newsletter to all clients. Includes site updates and important information to your listing. Over 10,000 subscribers.

Benefits to Advertising:

  • High Traffic: Our website traffic averages 1 million unique pageviews, 2.5 million hits and 125k unique visitors per month. US ranking in the top 200,000 websites.
  • School Directories: Our site has 40+ School Directories and Summer Camps. The Schools, Principals, Teachers, Students, Parents, Camps, Camp Directors and School Districts you wish to target advertise and frequent our website.
  • Educational Businesses: This is one of nine directories for educational businesses. Including: Charter Buses, Educational Publishers Educational Software, School Assemblies, School Bud Vendors, School Supplies/Teacher Stores, Support Services & School Vendors. The largest marketplace on the internet.
  • Profile Visits: Profiles average 2,000 visits for one year.
  • High ROI: We have a clientele base of over 6,000 paying subscribers. High return on investment. 7 of every 10 businesses renew with us.
  • SEO: We have a Google Page rank 1 & 2. Listing with us brings your site ranking up with Google.
  • Target Demographics: We market to Schools, School Districts, Sports Teams, Principals, Superintendents, Teachers Families, Parents and Students
  • Cost Effective: We offer an inexpensive, low risk service with terrific results.

About Us:

  • We are a national education resource & referral website.
  • We have over 250,000+ pages of resource information for students, parents, schools, teachers, administrators.
  • Over 100+ international and national directories. The largest education marketplace on the internet.
  • Clientele base of 6,000+ Schools, School Districts, Camps, Programs, Libraries, Museums, Colleges, Universities, Businesses & Organizations advertise with us
  • One of nine directories for Educational Businesses
  • Listed on over 100,000 websites including U.S. Library of Congress
  • Estimated to traffic 1.7 million unique visitors and 30 million hits in 2013.