K12 Academics in 2010

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New Directories:

Camp Supplies: Camp Vendors and Supplies for camp owners.

Charter Schools : Art-Based Schools, Core Knowledge Schools, Montessori Schools, Special Needs Schools, Virtual/Cyber Schools, Vocational Schools.

Childrens Hospitals : Children's Hospitals in the United States.

Dietitians & Nutritionists: Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists in the United States.

Driving Schools: Defensive Driving Schools, Traffic Schools, Driving Lessons, Truck Driving Schools, Performance Driving Schools, Motorcycle Riding Schools, Driver Safety Classes

Eating Disorder Centers: Clinics, Day Treatment, Emotional Eating programs, Extended Cares, Family Counselors, Group Counselors, Halfway Houses, Holistic Services, Individual Counselors, Inpatient Services, Nutrition Counselors, Outpatient Care, Outpatient Services, Psychopharmacologists, Residential Treatment, Support Groups, Treatment Centers, Therapists

International Schools: International Schools around the world.

Laboratory Schools : Laboratory School, Campus School, University School, Child Study Institute, Research School, Charter School, International School, Academy Developmental Center

Language Schools: Language Schools around the world.

Magnet Schools: Elementary, Middle and High School Magnet Schools.

Mennonite Schools: Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle & High Schools in the United States.

Military Schools: Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC), Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), Military Schools, Federal Service Academies, Cadet Corps, Military Junior Colleges and State Sponsored Academies.

School Districts : School Districts in the United States.

School Garden Programs: School Gardens in the United States.

School Vendors: Businesses providing services for schools and school districts

Senior Proms:
Catering: Catering Services in the United States.
DJ: DJs & Live Bands in the United States
Florists: Floral Shops in the United States.
Limos: Limousine & Car Rentals in the United States.
Photographer: Photographers in the United States
Salons & Barbershops: Salons and Barbershops in the United States.

Substance Abuse Centers: Counselors, Day Treatment, Hospital Inpatient, Outpatient, Partial hospitalization, Residential long-term treatment and Residential short-term treatment.

Summer Schools : Academic Enrichment, Academics Remediation, AP Credit Course, Arts & Theatre Program, Career Exploration, College Preparation and Enrichment, Community Service, ESL/TOEFL, Internship, Language & Cultural Immersion Programs, Leadership Training, Learning Disability, Mentorship Program, Outdoor & Environmental Education, Political Education, SAT Review, Prep, Technology & Computer, Traditional Summer School and Youth Travel Programs.

Vocational Schools: Career Centers, Agricultural Schools, Technical Schools, Adult Education, CTE Programs, Skills Centers and Vocational Schools in the United States.


Business in 2010: 1,869 New Clients

Afterschool Programs: 99 Programs
Art Schools: 5 Schools
Assembly Programs: 28 Programs
Boarding Schools: 5 Schools
Camps: 37 Camps
Catering: 7 Businesses
Catholic Schools: 13 Schools
Charter Schools: 37 Schools
Child Care Centers: 12 Centers
Childrens Hospitals: 1 Hospital
Christian Schools: 21 Schools
Colleges & Universities: 15 Schools
Dietitian & Nutritionists: 9 Businesses
Districts: 83 School Districts
DJs: 17 Businesses
Driving Schools: 23 Schools
Eating Disorder Centers: 14 Centers
Episcopal Schools: 4 Schools
Exhibits & Museums: 34 Exhibits
Florists: 1 Business
Garden Programs: 64 School Garden Programs
Gifted Schools: 2 Schools
Gyms: 8 Gyms
IB Schools: 3 Schools
Independent Schools: 43 Schools
International Schools: 16 Schools
Jewish Schools: 1 School
Language Schools: 39 Schools
Limos: 10 Businesses
Lutheran Schools: 4 Schools
Magnet Schools: 31 Schools
Military Schools: 3 Schools
Montessori Schools: 3 Schools
Music Lessons: 4 Businesses
Online Schools: 3 Schools
Organizations: 47 Organizations
Photographers: 10 Businesses
Public Schools: 107 Schools
Salons & Barbershops: 4 Businesses
School Vendors: 425 Businesses
SDA Schools: 1 School
Special Education Schools: 8 Schools
Study Abroad Programs: 26 Programs
Substance Abuse Centers: 6 Centers
Summer Schools: 10 Schools
Support Services: 76 Businesses
Trade Schools: 6 Schools
Vocational Schools: 14 Schools
Voice Lessons: 1 Business
Volunteer Programs: 510 Programs
Waldorf Schools: 2 Schools