Causes of the American Revolution Review

Author: Courtney Angle
Lesson Plan:

Objectives:  TSWBAT identify major British acts passed in the 1760's-70's.  

                      TSWBAT analyze the reasons for the British passing of the acts and the American reason against the acts.  


Standards:  NYS Standard #1:  American History 

                    NYS Standard #4:  Economics 


Anticipatory Set:  Ask the students:  Even knowing it angered the Americans, the British continued to pass a number of acts.  Why would they do this?  


Teaching:  Input:  Review the major acts passed by the British between the 1760's and 70's.  

  • Proclamation Act (1763)
  • Sugar Act (1764)
  • Stamp Act (1765)
  • Currency Act (1764)
  • Quartering Act (1765)
  • Townshend Acts (1767)
  • Tea Act (1773)
  • Coercive Acts (1774)
  • New England Restraining Act (1775)


Teaching:  Modeling:  Using the website EconEdLink, show the students the basic rules to the game.  The review game is a simple memory/matching game.  


Teaching:  Checking for Understanding:  After going through one or two cards, ask the students if the next two cards match.  Continue as long as necessary to determine whether the students understand the assignment. 


Guided Practice:  The students will then move to individual computers (or work in small groups if there are not enough computers) to complete the memory game.  When finished, the students are taken to worksheet where they fill in why each act was passed and the reasons the Americans argued against it.  


Closure:  Have the students print out their worksheets, then review the answers.