The Eggonaut

Author: Brad Clarke
Lesson Plan:





Participants design and construct a rocket made from a 2 liter pop bottle

which will launch one RAW, grade A, large egg with the purpose of

keeping the egg intact (unbroken) and aloft for a maximum length of time.




Usually two per team, but one is okay if class is uneven.




Each team will be responsible for bringing all materials necessary to

build their Eggonaut Rocket.  Only 2-liter bottles may be used and no

metal pieces will be added.  After constructing the rocket, Mr. Clarke

will determine if your rocket is safe for launching.  If it is unsafe,

he will tell you WHY it is unsafe and you may make modifications.




2-liter pop bottles (any color, but the newer the better)


Grade A extra large egg (2 would be great, just in case?)


Any kind of tape (duct tape or packing tape works well)


any amount of cardboard (several thicknesses)...foamcore....any amount.


plastic....cotton string or fishing line...or basically any other SOFT or

bendable material if cleared by Mr. Clarke.



5...4...3...2...1...THE LAUNCH!


After arriving at the launch pad the CONTROL TEAM will be in

charge of launch order.  Your team will be called and you will put on safety goggles.  After setting up your rocket on the launch pad, move back to the end of the launch rope.  The "launcher" will slowly pull the launch rope tight.  When ready to launch, the launcher will VERY LOUDLY announce..."ready to launch" wait a second, then begin "5...4...3...2...1...LAUNCH!  Upon the word launch, the timers will begin their stopwatches.  If rocket fails to launch, DO NOT RE-PULL THE STRING......WE WILL START PROCEDURE OVER. 








Your EGGONAUT'S time aloft is what is timed, NOT the rest of the rocket.  If your egg separates from the rocket, only the egg is timed.  Points will be awarded using the following system...


Ø      Timing will be rounded to “tenths" of a second.

Ø      Egg survival is worth 50 points. (must be in air 2 seconds or longer!)  Eggs which are not in flight for at least 2 seconds will be awarded no points even though egg is still unbroken.  Team must bring their egg to CONTROL TEAM FOR EGG INSPECTION IMMEDIATELY AFTER LAUNCH.

Ø      Cracked EGGONAUTS will be awarded time aloft points only.  EGGONAUT MUST BE INTACT AT LAUNCH.

Ø      Each second the eggonaut is aloft will be awarded 10 points.


Your team may launch a second time IF and WHEN all other teams have

launched at least once...same order as first launch, and the better of the 2 launches will be used.  In the event that time runs out before everyone who wants to launch a second time gets to, then ONLY the first launch for EVERYONE will be counted.  Use your time wisely!


The team with the highest point total wins!



LAUNCH 1                                                                                       LAUNCH 2


Egg survived...............50 points                       Egg cracked.............. 0 points

Time Aloft: 4.6 seconds....46 points                    Time Aloft: 6.7 seconds..67 points


TOTAL POINTS...............96 POINTS             TOTAL POINTS.............67 POINTS





Egg survived but flight time was less than 2 seconds...............0 points


PICK UP/CLEAN UP ALL PARTS OF YOUR LAUNCH VEHICLE AFTER EACH LAUNCH…be proactive…don’t lose points because “you forgot”L