Greek Golden Age

Lesson Plan:

Class: Social Studies 6

Unit: Greece

Teacher: Petriccione

·         Students will be able to label the various parts of a theater
·         Students will be able to explain the key ideas of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato
·         Students will look at and understand the different elements of Greek art
Social Studies Standard II
Anticipatory Set
This lesson will not have an anticipatory set. The previous two days will act as the anticipatory set.
Teaching: Input
Students will be rotating at stations. At one station they will be using the SMART board interactive functionality to go through a virtual Greek theater. They will be able to touch and move the entire theater to view the various parts and then label them.
Teaching: Modeling
I will model each station once before the stations begin.
Teaching: Checking for Understanding
Student work will be collected and checked for understanding.
Guided Practice
Activities will be presented at each station. Students will need to complete a variety of activities including reading, writing, drawing and use of computers.
At the conclusion of the lesson I will illicit responses from each student about the main ideas of the lesson. 
Independent Practice
Students will be assigned reading and a “show me that you read” activity to reinforce learning.
1.     Handouts
2.     SMARTboard and all computers
3.     Pen
3 Class Days.