Dogwood Literacy Council, Inc.

Basic Information

Address: 100 S Broadway, Suite H Siloam Springs, AR 72761
County: United States
School District: Siloam Springs
Phone Number: 479-524-4009
Fax Number: 479-524-4009
School Type: Literacy Councl
Ages: 18 - 85

Action Shots

Dogwood Literacy Council, Inc.
Dogwood Literacy Council, Inc.
Dogwood Literacy Council, Inc.
Dogwood Literacy Council, Inc.

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Additional Information

Accreditation: Arkansas Literacy Councils and Arkansas Department of Career Education
Founded: 1992
Registratio Deadline: Ongoing
Pricing: Free
Refunds: N/A
Complaints: None
School Hours: M-F 9:00 - 5:00 + evening classes
School Setting:

Downtown Siloam Springs, AR

School Size: About 160 students served per year
Classroom Size: Adequate - partitioned for small groups
Student/Teacher Ratio: 4:1
Degrees Offered:


Classes Offered: Basic English as a Second Language Adult Basic Education in Literacy
Computer Capabilities:

We have 7 student computers

Parking Spaces/Availability:

In the street - usually not a problem

Mission Statement:

The Mission of Dogwood Literacy Council is to help adults develop their abilities to understand, speak, read, and write English. These skills are fundamental to achieving their goals of becoming participating members of this society, coping with the demands of everyday life, and achieving financial stability.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Everyone should have the opportunity to learn.

School History:

Started just over 20 years ago.

Has growen steadily.

Most students are Hispanic wanting to learn English.

We train volunteer tutors who do an excellent job.