El Centro Del Cardenal Dorchester

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Basic Information

Address: 185 Columbia Rd, Boston, MA 02121
County: United States
School District: Private
Phone Number: 617) 522-4040
Principal: N/A
School Type: Private
Ages: Adult Education

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Accreditation: N/A
District ID: N/A
State District ID: N/A
State School ID: N/A
Founded: 1957
Registratio Deadline: N/A
Pricing: Free
Refunds: Free
School Setting:

Yawkey Center



Degrees Offered:

HiSET and GED exam prep

Classes Offered: HiSET and GED exam prep
Support Services:

617) 522-4040








​ A Catholic Charities of Boston Program

Mission Statement
Through providing high quality educational services, El Centro Cardenal serves the community by opening better life opportunities for adult immigrants and leads them in their search of fulfilling careers and self-sufficiency.

Why you should enroll with us
Our program offers instructional and advising services that encourage learners’ academic and personal development. The program’s efforts are focused on raising students’ expectations for themselves, shaping their career goals, and equipping them with tools to achieve sustained personal growth and economic security. El Centro makes this possible by drawing on decades of expertise in the field, tailoring classroom instruction to the specific needs of its students while offering impactful advising and support services that foster self-belief, vision, and perseverance in all the learners it serves.

"El Centro is a community that helps adult immigrants develop, understand, learn, move ahead, and sustain motivation. As our graduate currently in college said in her commencement speech, “You need somebody to support you. You simply can’t continue without somebody standing by you. I know I can always count on El Centro.”
"Words will never be powerful enough to express my gratitude to El Centro and my teacher in El Centro. They are the only thing I have, and I want to say to