Ace My Course tutoring service

Basic Information

Address: 22330 Elsinore Dr
Phone Number: 3468001912

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Ace My Course tutoring service
Ace My Course tutoring service

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Additional Information

Focus: Tutoring and Books
Director: Jennifer A Whitaker
Schools Served: The Village School- 2011-2014 Disability and Rehabilitation Services of State of Texas 2011-Present Goodwill Of Greater Houston A Daycare not releasing name
School District: Katy
County: TX
Ages: 5+ including college-Graduate Students
Capacity: Brookshire
Membership/Pricing: $50/hr + Travel Fee (if meet in public location not in Katy)

We typically meet students at a Starbucks. Travel Fees will be added to the hourly rate if we meet at a different location that offered by representative at the time of the call. We have success with ADD and ADHD being very focused in such setting. Most parents don't think their kid can focus at a Starbucks but our excellence in keeping attention, making it interesting, and easy to understand makes learning fun instead of something to avoid.


We were founded in August of 2011 with a solid history of improving academic performances at schools, and non-profit agencies that used our services. We have, since day 1, had a high client retention rate with many that have been with us since the first year we were in business. Parents love our services, and tend to spread good word as they have seen Ace My Course make a big difference in just one hour. To see so much improvement in one hour, is the main attraction that keeps parents coming back.

Program Highlights:

We assess students on the first day. Using the struggles observed, we design customized lesson plans to address the "roots" of the struggle to make the most progress within the limited time. As everyone has some sort of budget, we work within the limited time based on it, and give homework to students whom cannot afford enough time to be able to make a difference. By doing so, they too, end up showing great amounts of progress though it may take longer.

Support Services:

We support schools, non-profit education programs, and many other educational organizations by providing recorded tutorials, online group tutoring, recorded lessons, or individual tutoring. We also support businesses with job training services that are available in groups online, in the business office, or by recorded lessons.

Program Information:

We have been around for almost 10 years. We have a strong foundation, and reputation for client success. All students whom followed directions and did what was directed as a part of our program have been successful. Our programs have been proven to work. We are owned by a 4 Times Nationally Recognize Women with Disabilities. We were invited to the Top in the State of Texas Vendors List for being the Top in Tutoring Industry in the State.

We provide local in-person tutoring in Katy. Rather you are in Katy or another part of town, we are glad to help you succeed. Our CEO has over 18 years in tutoring by professional and is a professional recognized in the "Top 3% of the Nation Among Executives and Entreprenuers," who also graduated within the Top 3% of her Class.

Our goal is to help even those who may not afford tutoring, to have some sort of qualified educational assistance. For those tighter on funds, we make recorded lessons, or tutor in groups in an online classroom setting.

Our owner is also a published author. Above is a link to her latest book Emotional Rollercoaster: Young Adulthood that is highly recommended for teens, parents of teens, college age, and parents of college age students.

Connect with the Cheif Executive Officer to stay up to date on the latest buzz. We have new books in development, new educational programs, new art products and much more. We also provide Bookkeeping/Accounting, Business Consulting, and Writing Services to other professionals/businesses. We do regular researches that are used to improve our services, as well put in books that will be available for other professionals to study.

Whichever service or product you would like, call us at 346-800-1912 (text/call) or email us at

Slogan: Embrace the A+ce!