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Address: Varous Private and Public schools in South OC
Phone Number: (949) 295-3046

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Additional Information

Focus: LEGO Engineering & Robotics, using STEM concepts

Chris Galvin

Director: Rahi Mirghavami
Schools Served: CUSD: Canyon Viste, Malcom, Wood Canyon, Bathgate, Viejo SVUSD: Foothill Ranch, Portola Hills, Del Lago, De Portola, Del Cerro, Cordillera, Glen Yermo, Montevideo, Los Alisos Newport-Mesa: Lincoln, Eastbluff, Harbor View
School District: apistrano, Saddleback and Newport-Mesa Unified School Districts
County: Orange
Schedule: Varies depending on the school, Please call (949) 295-3046 or email rmirghavami@bricks4kidz for a school nearest you.
Ages: 6 to 14 years old
Capacity: 20 Student
Membership/Pricing: No Membership, Pricing from $75 to $118

2 students team up to build one LEGO model using one kit, following the instruction booklet step by step. Afterwards, students get to modify and expand on the model. At the end all pieces are put back in the organizer kit in its appropriate place.

Program Highlights:

There are many educational, developmental, and social benefits to the BRICKS 4 KIDZ
approach to learning and play. Here are just a few.
A- Follow step-by-step directions to complete a task. It is important not to rush through and miss a step. This is especially valuable for children with AD/HD and can help them develop the patience to follow step-by-step instructions in a classroom setting.
B- Sequencing is an important skill in many learning processes and the motivational nature of this type of sequencing makes it fun for children, while the skill gained can easily translate to other environments.
C- Fine motor skills are developed as children pick up and assemble the many small bricks, axles, gears and bushings.
D- The spatial/relational thinking necessary to follow the project instructions taps into both the visual and kinesthetic learning styles of many children. Kinesthetic or tactile learners learn by doing. Also, playing with LEGO bricks is highly motivating, so children are more likely to retain information that is delivered in the context of something that interests them.
E- Organizational skills are developed by keeping the bricks in their proper place. This is another skill that translates into every area of life. At school, at home, or in the workplace, people are more efficient if they can quickly and easily access the materials they need to complete a task.
F- Completing a model with LEGO bricks nurtures process-oriented thinking and helps children develop abstract thought to envision the project before it is complete.
G- Social/emotional skills such as patience, communication and teamwork are exercised in the process of completing a build.
H- Working through frustration to complete a project builds self-esteem.
I- Working with a partner fosters teamwork and cooperation.
J- The children learn about simple machines and develop an appreciation of how various structures are put together.


1- LEGO Engineering and Robotics. Teaching Kids basics of Mechanical Engineering, Architectural and Robotics, using LEGO Technic
bricks, Axels, Gears, Bushing, electric motor and battery packs to make models that move and do various things.
2- LEGO Mindstorm Robotics. Using NXT Intelligent brick that has number of inout and outpot ports to connect to Servo motors and

Field Trip Destinations: We travel to various schools and other locations in OC to provide a day full of LEGO model building and fun. If interested please get in touch with me at to find out about field trips to LEGOland and LA Science museum.
Program Information:

There are two different programs that we offer:
1- Our Mindstorm program for kids between the age of 9 to 14 is a Robotics program. Here is a brief description:
Mindstorm- The hottest selling LEGO brand, combines classic LEGO building with the world of robotics, using motors, sensors and
software. You'll learn how to design and program your LEGO 'bots that can perform all kinds of tasks! Mindstorm software lets you place icons in sequence to design the commands you want. It's easy to learn and it teaches basic programming logic. This class is a fun and challenging introduction to the world of robotics for the advanced LEGO enthusiast! Participants will build 6 different models during the 6 week session and program it using the Mindstorm software. All models will be using Servo Motors and various sensors such as Sonar sensor to detect distance, Microphone to detect sound, touch sensors and light sensors. Easy to follow instructions; includes step by step building of models and downloadable programs for the robots. Students will have time to modify the program and make the model react differently based on the sensors inputs. All material, including computers are provided by Bricks4Kidz.

Here are a few links to videos of different Mindstorm NXT models to see it in action: ,
Detail video about NXT Mindstorm:

2- LEGO Engineering and Robotics for children between the ages of 6 to 10Science,
Technology, Engineering and Math come to life with amazing LEGO® robotics creations. Student use battery operated motors,
gears, axles and LEGO® Technic bricks to create moving LEGO® models. Each session will have a specific theme such as “Spectacular Sports,” “ Amazing Animals,” and “Space Adventures” for this 6 week long educational and fun program. Each model includes a lesson, teaching the students basic concepts of engineering, physics, biology and robotics. Through our structured builds, students will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. Once students have completed the lesson, they can create their own models using our huge tub of LEGO® bricks.

Slogan: We learn, we build, we play