Chakra Yoga for Kids

Basic Information

Address: 3834 N. Lakegrove Way, Boise, ID
Phone Number: 208-323-2323

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Additional Information

Focus: Yoga
Director: Regina Yegge
Schools Served: Boise & Meridian School District
School District: Boise & Meridian School District
County: ADA
Schedule: After School Classes-Call for availability
Ages: 5-13
Capacity: 8
Membership/Pricing: $10.00 per class

Large room with Yoga mats & a Large table for arts & crafts. Available to teach Chakra Yoga on-site at schools in the Boise & Merdian school districts


Certified Teacher, Yoga Instructor, CPR & First Aid

Program Highlights:

Through the practice of Hatha Yoga postures, children will develop strong, flexible, and healthy bodies as well as increasing concentration, balance, and stress reduction. Excellent for all children and all ages-very beneficial for children with issues of ADD and ADHD, Diabetes, Learning Disabilities and more.

Program Information:

Minimize school stress and maximize academics through Chakra Yoga. The postures and breathing taught in class are specific to the child's growing body and mind.