Chief Cornerstone World Vision

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Address: 4100 North Main, Suite 102, Columbia, SC 29203
Phone Number: 803-786-9483
Fax Number: 803-786-9483

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Additional Information

Focus: Nation Family

Chief cornerstone world vision

Director: Dr Sharon D McMillian
Schools Served: Dist One , Faith Base Church Day Care School K4-!2 Grade
School District: one 2013 year 2014 -2016
County: U.S.A
Ages: 6 week-89 year
Capacity: 8000
Membership/Pricing: 650.00 -1000.00

we are use an old school now a Center call and we will give address Sharon D McMillian


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other Faith Base


Field Trip Destinations: all will be up date call for office 803-786-9483