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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 30935, Charleston, South Carolina, 29417
Phone Number: 843-900-0278

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DRAMA Productions LLC
DRAMA Productions LLC
DRAMA Productions LLC
DRAMA Productions LLC

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Additional Information

Focus: Theatre and Film Production
Director: Adrienne C Stocker
Schools Served: Murray LaSaine, James Island Elementary, Mt. Pleasant Academy, and Belle Hall Elementary
School District: Charleston County School District
County: Charleston County
Schedule: Monday - Friday
Ages: 6 - 13
Capacity: 30
Membership/Pricing: $150 for 8 weeks

Located at the student's school.


Adrienne founded DRAMA Productions LLC in 2003 while working with The College of Charleston's national GEAR UP program. Adrienne taught and prepared middle school aged students skills to help them perform better during statewide standardized test using the arts. In 2005 Adrienne moved to California, where she soon landed a job in Hollywood as the Executive in Charge for an upcoming Christian Production Company, Good News Holdings. She managed several stages of productions for the company including their $40 million dollar movie “Christ the Lord out of Egypt.” by Ann Rice. During this time in Hollywood, Adrienne’s passion for education did not die.

While working full time in Hollywood, she also partnered with the State of California and worked with their program Para las Ninos. She taught life skills to high-risk foster youth between the ages of 16-21 years of age. After working with the program for two years, Adrienne saw a major opportunity within the community for the arts. It was then she decided to attended graduate school in London, where she received her MBA in business.

In 2012, Adrienne re-launched DRAMA Productions with a focus on teaching Life Skills through the arts. Currently we are expanding and looking for more opportunities of growth within our community and state.

Program Highlights:

While attending D.R.A.M.A Productions students will:
Collaboratively use technology to produce, direct, and shoot a short film
Participate in the role of director, actor, producer, and cinematographer
Participate in theatre games
Participate in improvisations
Perform short scenes using scripts for acting
Participate in storytelling activities
Create and perform pantomimes
Identify styles and types of theaters and film
Practice appropriate audience manners
Display respect and cooperation as a performer
Use props and costumes in a presentation
Draw a diagram of the parts of the stage
Practice movement skills

Support Services:

College of Charleston, Trident Technical College, and Kaleidoscope Program of Charleston Country School District

Program Information:

Example Curriculum:

Week 1) Intro to Theatre, and Theatre Terms

Life Skills (Creativity, Effort), Lifelong Guidelines (Personal Best)

Week 2) Movement/Stage Direction

Life Skills (Courage, Problem Solving), Lifelong Guidelines (Trust)

Week 3) Communication/Blocking

Life Skills (Caring, Patience), Lifelong Guideline (Active Listening)

Week 4) Performance and Lighting

Life Skills (Cooperation, Flexibility), Lifelong Guideline (Truth)

Week 5) Intro to Film/Directing

Life Skills (Responsibility, Organization) Life Guideline (Personal Best)

Week 6) Acting for Film/ Shooting for Film

Life Skills (Common Sense, Perseverance), Life Guideline (No Put Downs)

Week 7) Editing for Film

Life Skills (Initiative, Integrity), Life Guideline (Personal Best)

Week 8) Final Project/Film Festival

Life Skills (Friendship, Sense of Humor), Life Guideline (Truth)

Slogan: To support the academic growth and development of our youth using the arts, performance, arts management, and film in an after-school program.