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Basic Information

Address: 90 Cushing Ave Dorchester,MA 02125
Phone Number: 617-436-8600 *322
Fax Number: 617-265-0636

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GRLZ Radio
GRLZ Radio

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Additional Information

Focus: Media Literacy, Violence Prevention and Peer Leadership
Director: Susan Flint
Schedule: Year round enrollment
Ages: 12-17
Capacity: 20
Membership/Pricing: Free

The GRLZ Radio Broadcast & Music Production program is a safe forum where at risk women have opportunities to be heard through dialog via the airwaves. The station serves as a platform for young women in the Bowdoin/Geneva area and surrounding neighborhoods to voice their outlook creatively and productively

Program Highlights:

Through the program, young women with leadership potential attain and demostrate technical and artistic skills necessary to create,edit,and produce a radio broadcast

Slogan: "Where girls are heard and respected"