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Basic Information

Address: 619 South Trooper Rd. Audubon Pa 19403
Phone Number: 610-631-9200
Fax Number: 610-631-9200

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Master Norman Smith
Master Norman Smith
Master Norman Smith
Master Norman Smith

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Additional Information

Focus: At The Northern Shaolin Academy, we are committed to teaching LIFE SKILLS - patience, focus, kindness, honesty, and respect - along with PHYSICAL FITNESS in a positive and clean environment. We specialize in AGE-APPROPRIATE INSTRUCTION
Director: Master Norman Smith
Schools Served: Norristown Middle & High school, Gotwals Elementary School , Eagleville Elementary School, Cole Manor Elementary School, East Norriton Middle School, Paul V Fly Elementary School, Roosevelt Altern School, Stewart Middle School, Whitehall Elementary School
School District: Norristown
County: Mongomery
Ages: 4 & up

Martisl arts games, self defense, study period, trips

Program Information:

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy is dedicated to promoting and teaching authentic Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi, providing the most comprehensive training for people of all ages. As a member, you will receive personal attention and hands-on instructions with each lesson. Every student learns at their pace. We assist students in finding the style best suited to their own character, physique, and ability.

  • The emphasis of our program is to establish Discipline and Courtesy.
  • The program builds Confidence and Character.
  • Kung Fu develops Coordination and increases Strength and Flexibility.
  • Time provided for homework

  • Kung fu class 3 times per week taught by highly qualified instructors
  • Designated homework time
  • Life Skills - Guide the young student through the principles of martial arts to help develop skills for success in life. Focus on values of self-awareness, self-confidence, focus, concentration, and the tools that lead to excellence.
  • ABC's of conflict avoidance
  • Free Kung Fu uniform
  • Student testing and promotions
  • Academic achievement certificates and patches awarded
  • Movies shown on designated days
  • No additional charge for No Shows.
  • No additional fee for early dismissals
  • Family Discount available

The instructors will guide you stepby step, carefully explain each movement and demonstrate each technique so you can acquire the full understanding of your lessons. Each class emphasizes different aspects of our training program to ensure you get the most out of your martial arts education.

Total Fitness

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy offers superior classes in Kung Fu, Tai-Chi, Hsing I, Wushu, and Qigong. You will gain Muscular Development, Cardio Conditioning, Coordination and Flexibility through our class training programs.

Superior Instruction

Master Norman Smith has highly qualified instructors teaching all classes at the academy so that every class is a good physical experience.

Kids Kung Fu Class
"Kids are our Specialty"

In our Kids Kung Fu Class Children are led step by step in the beginning classes by our professional teaching staff. The instructors ease them into the training and help develop their skills, teaching them how to set goals and achieve them. Your child will develop concentration, confidence, discipline and respect, while building physical fitness, coordination, and self-defense skills in our safe, fun and positive environment. As Parents, you will see your child improvement in confidence, school work (grades) with an “Yes I Can Attitude