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Address: 65 High Street, Metuchen, New Jersey 08840
Phone Number: 732-548-2044, ext 213
Fax Number: 732-548-3614

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Focus: Grade School Child Cre (K-6)
Director: Christine Tolley
Schools Served: Metuchen-Moss, Campbell, Edgar, St.Francis- Edison- Benjamin Franklin, Lincoln and James Monroe
School District: Metuchen and parts of Edison
County: Middlesex
Schedule: 7AM-early morning care-6:30PM, program runs from Sept to June
Ages: Children in grades K-6
Membership/Pricing: Plan A-$292 per month- Plan B $323( + $40 prorgam fee)

Full service childcare program for grades K-6 held in the Metuchen Branch YMCA


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Grade School Child Care for grades K-6

Quality full service child care program for grades K-6 runs from September through June with availability from &AM-6:30PM. We serve the following schools in Metuchen: Moss, Campbell, Edgar and St. Francis .Three, four and five day care available.Edison: Benjamin Franklin, Lincoln and James Monroe- five day care avilable only. Note: there is  four child minimum participation in progam per school. We also serve the above schools  for all regualr scheduled school days( Plan A). Children enrolled in our full program( Plan B) are covered for snow days and holidays in addition to regulary scheduled school days.  We offer a 25% sibling discount and a additional 3% discount for full family members.

The Children are transported to the YMCA where our program features swimming, sports, homework time, snacks, arts' n' crafts, games, movies and fitness.