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Address: 100 Waverly st. Suite 103 Ashland MA, 01721
Phone Number: (508)231-4500

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Ages: 6-14
Program Information:

S.E.T. School is an after school enrichment program for elementary and middle school age kids. We focus on teaching Science, Engineering, Robotics and Technology. We believe that children learn when they are engaged and having fun, we created inquiry-based curricula that deliver focused instruction within an innovative learning environment. Science: Science is one discipline that embraces everything around us. Children are fascinated about their surroundings, which leads them to ask questions to satisfy their curiosity. We provide children with knowledge and guide them through the research process with experiments and hands-on activities. Our goal is to help children appreciate, understand and love science! Engineering: The engineering process involves addressing and researching a problem, and then designing and building a solution. We teach engineering concepts such as mechanics, electricity, energy sources, forces, structural elements, material engineering, and apply these skills to construct machines, devices and structures to use in everyday life. Technology: Our technology program provides children with foundation for today’s most relevant skills. Programming - We teach programming concepts such as program logic flow, loops, structures, object-oriented concepts to children as young as 7 years of age. Kids create puzzles, games, graphics, sound and much more! Digital Media - Kids create their own cartoons, make up scenes and bring them to reality using computer animation software. Web design - Kids create their own websites using HTML, CSS and PHP, then add unique features by adding Javascript and Photoshop artwork. When they are done, they can share their creations with family and friends. For more information, visit our website: www.setschoolmw.com