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Address: Young Rembrandts c/o Paula Jacko 1629 W. Greenleaf Ave. Unit 106, Chicago, IL 60626
Phone Number: 773-595-5005
Fax Number: 773-465-8954

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Focus: Teaching elementary age children basic drawing techniques
Director: Paula Jacko
Schools Served: Belden, Daystar, Edison, Ogden, Wrightwood, Peterson, Nettlehorst, Newberry, Solomon, Columbus, St. Stanislaus
School District: Chicago Public Schools Dist. 299
County: Cook
Schedule: After school hours 5 days a week
Ages: 3 1/2 to 12
Capacity: 15 per class
Membership/Pricing: $8.00 per student per class

Classes are held in the classroom at the host school.


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Slogan: Raising generations that value the power, the passion and the significance of art.