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Address: 140 East Hanover Street, Trenton, NJ 3562 Nottingham Way, Hamilton, NJ
Phone Number: 609-396-8291 or 609-587-1815
Fax Number: 609-989-8696 or 587-5788

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YWCA of Trenton
YWCA of Trenton
YWCA of Trenton
YWCA of Trenton

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Additional Information

Focus: After School, Preschool and Summer Camp Programs
Director: Jose A. Hernandez, CEO
Schools Served: Mercer County, New Jersey
School District: Trenton and Hamilton
County: Mercer
Schedule: Year-round
Ages: 15 months - 15 years old
Capacity: 400
Membership/Pricing: Varies. Please visit our Web site

The YWCA of Trenton has been serving the community for the past 105 years. We have traditionally focused on delivering quality, affordable educational programs to children up to 15 years of age through our preschool, after school programs and summer camp

Program Highlights:

Please visit our Web site: www.ywcatrenton.org to learn more

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Program Information:

Licensed by the State of New Jersey, Department of Families and Children, the YWCA of Trenton offers:

* 8 week parent/child classes from 15 mos. to 5 years.

* 8 week enrichment classes for children from 2½ to 5 years of age.

* Regular preschool classes for children ages 3 to 5.

* After school programs (with transportation) for school-age children Monday through Friday from 2 to 6 pm.

· The majority of our staff has been working here for over 15 years.

· All of our staff has at least five years classroom experience.

· Our teachers are accessible to you each and every day for answering questions and addressing concerns.

· Our class size/teacher ratio is actually smaller than that mandated by the State.

· Parent involvement in the classes is encouraged.

· We have large, bright classrooms that inspire learning!

· We provide age-appropriate in-house programs for the children, as well various field trips for each group of children.

· We have a unique end-of-year graduation celebration for the children moving on to next level of education (high school, kindergarten, etc.)

Slogan: Where Imagination is the Key to Inspiration!