Basic Information

Address: Carretera La Libertad Km.16 CA-4, Zaragoza, El Salvador
Phone Number: +503 23167800
President: Mario Parker
Principal: María Teresa Suárez
Director of Admissions: Camila Rengifo

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Organization: Colegio Maya
School Type: Private International Bilingual School
Accredited Start Date: 2011
Accredited End Date: Present
Founded: 1994

American and Salvadoran Curriculum

Ages/Grades: PreK - 12th grade (4 - 18 years)
School Setting:

The school is located within a private, gated community, on the outskirts of El Salvador's capital city.

School Schedule: 7.30 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.
School Days in Calendar: 200
School Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holy Week, National Holidays

Colegio Maya is a community that has been aware of the importance of promoting students and staff well-being. The nature of our culture to openness promotes a healthy environment. This has been a persistent quality throughout the school history. Students are aware that there is opportunity to express their points of view, opinions and concerns. The school’s community understands the importance of this and how it influences the learning process of our students. Monitoring, and reporting student’s wellbeing and behaviors is a staff responsibility and is followed up by the counselors and principals. Teamwork and alliances with other professional assistance supports the monitoring of students. The school endeavors to safeguard students from risks to ensure their well-being, with the collaboration of family.

Faculty: 53 teachers
Enrollment: 515 students

US$4,070.00 (average)


Colegio Maya built and fully relocated to a new campus inside a gated community in 2017. The school maintains accommodation, facilities, services and equipment to enable it to fulfil its mission, provide the curriculum and offer a safe, secure, clean and healthy environment for the students and adults. The entire campus is fenced in for additional security.

All classroom spaces were designed to accommodate the class size groups. Colegio Maya consists of thirty (30) learning areas, as well as science and computer laboratories, library, sports facilities and a cafeteria.


Social Studies
Physical Education

Support Services:

Colegio Maya has advisory, counseling, ELL and SLL programs.

Camp Programs: No
Summer School: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities: Student bring their own devices as needed, on campus wifi and PCs available.
School Championships:

We participate in Bilingual League, AASCA Tournaments and National Championships for both, academic and sports events.

School Clubs:

Homework club
Book Club
Knowledge Bowl Club
Ecology Club
Student Government
National Honor Society

Parking Spaces/Availability: Yes
Uniform Guidelines:

Students are required to wear uniform.

Admissions Requirements:

By joining the Maya family, a student agrees to apply their full effort in order to achieve excellent academic results. We challenge each other constantly in order to promote an excellent education in El Salvador, contributing along with experience of learning methods that apply in our everyday life. We encourage the vision of the  success of our students  as we prepare them to surpass any obstacle that they may encounter in their life. 

Admission Policy

Colegio Maya is  an international private school that offers co-education, as it prepares students with university level education starting from K4 until twelfth grade. Colegio Maya receives any student that is qualified, disregarding race, religion, origin, ethnicity or nationalities.

Admission Requirements

  1. Parent or guardians must ask for, complete, and sign the admission application.
  2. The price of the application is not applied in the monthly payment and is non-refundable.
  3. Academic record of the last 3 years certified by MINED (if applicable).
  4. Standardized test grades such as; SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test), PAES (Prueba de Aprendizaje y Aptitudes para Egresados de educación media) (if applicable).
  5. A signed letter from previous attended schools, evidencing good conduct.
  6. A letter of recommendation from the previously attended school.
  7. Recent birth certificate.
  8. A small black and white photo.
  9. Medical history and overall health history.
  10. Vaccination chart.
  11. A letter of completion of payments from prior school (if applicable).
  12. If any child has been evaluated by a psychologist or psychiatrist, turn in a copy of evaluation.
  13. Interview with an administrator.
  14. The student must pass the admissions test.
Mission Statement:


To provide a challenging bilingual program with high academic standards which develops values, skills, international awareness and attitudes in each student, empowering him/her to lead a productive and well-balanced life within the global community.


Colegio Maya is committed to maintain and improve its national and international recognition as a bilingual school that nurtures academic excellence and international awareness. The school will empower its students to achieve success in a challenging global society.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The school is committed to providing a nurturing and stimulating environment in which all students can flourish and grow with safety, congeniality, and collaboration, so that each will leave Colegio Maya as a productive and effective citizen of the world. High academic expectations are met by the continual review of the school's challenging curriculum and the diversified learning environment offered. Personal growth is assured through the philosophical foundations and methodology in the school's Life Ahead Methodology. The Life Ahead Methodology promotes autonomy, organization, responsibility, and social skills. Its major goal is to produce self-reliant individuals who will assume an ever greater responsibility for their own learning. The combination of high academic expectations and the Life Ahead Methodology will develop the competencies in each student to become an internationally-minded, life-long learner who upholds democratic principles and is committed to the use of conflict resolution in all aspects of life.

School History:

Colegio Maya of El Salvador is a private, independent, bilingual school founded in 1994. We aim to provide bilingual learning environment, and a challenging academic curriculum which allows students to meet the academic criteria set by Salvadoran, U.S., and other universities around the world as well as the requirements established by El Salvador's Ministry of Education and the Council of International Schools (CIS).

The school's first senior graduating class completed Grade 12 in June 2003 and the majority of our
graduates have pursued higher education in local universities as well as abroad.

Colegio Maya is a selective admission school with current enrollment of 515 students in:
Early Childhood (Kinder 4 - Preparatory)
Elementary (Grade 1 - Grade 5)
Middle School (Grade 6 - Grade 8)
High School (Grade 9 - Grade 12)

Our own Placement Tests as well as Standardized Test scores, previous academic records, teacher
recommendations and interviews are used as the criteria for deciding upon new admissions.

Social Media:

Our social media platforms, and web page inform and share school events and accomplishments. The institutional web page includes information regarding our guiding statements, policies, and other pertinent elements of school life.

Additional Information:

Our learning statement is fundamentally based on our guiding principles.

Colegio Maya believes learning is a process that is nurtured by the four pillars of our Life Ahead Methodology. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning process.

At Colegio Maya:

  • We strive to create a safe, wholesome family environment, where students are valued and respected as individuals, who develop and learn at their own pace and in different ways.
  • We engage our students in a challenging bilingual curriculum which allows them to experience a variety of teaching and learning approaches that will motivate them.
  • We empower our students to make decisions that will help them develop a sense of cultural empathy toward global citizenship.
  • We encourage students to recognize and honor commonalities and differences of different cultures with understanding, respect and tolerance.
  • We motivate our students to adopt an open-minded approach to the world around them.
  • We believe that values are a key foundation to create positive role models for our society.
  • We believe reflection and self-assessment will help them learn from their mistakes.
  • We believe students learn in different ways, therefore the curriculum should reflect the use of a variety of teaching methods and strategies tailored to their learning styles.
  • Students work cooperatively to build positive relationships to create a learning community that values diversity.
  • Students engage in thoughtful discourse and examine different perspectives, allowing them to think critically and develop leadership skills.
  • We foster conflict resolution skills and strategies to develop peaceful, productive interactions with others.