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Basic Information

Address: 20 Wooralla Dr, Mount Eliza VIC 3930
County: Australia
Phone Number(s): (03) 9788 7777
Principal: Stuart Johnston

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Peninsula Grammar School
Peninsula Grammar School
Peninsula Grammar School
Peninsula Grammar School

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Additional Information

School Type: Coeducational, Kindergarten to Year 12, Day and Boarding, Anglican
Accreditation: 2019 until 2024
Founded: 6th February 1961
Organization Affiliation: Anglican Schools Association Associated Grammar Schools Victoria
Ages/Grades: K3 to Year 12
School Setting:

In its 60th year, Peninsula Grammar holds its place as the preeminent school on the Mornington Peninsula. An open-entry, coeducational school, located one hours drive south of Melbourne, the School is situated on 80 acres of gently sloping natural bushland and is renowned for the depth of opportunity it affords each child. With an exceptional record of academic achievement, a strong sporting program proud of producing world champions, and a performing arts program with an unsurpassed record of distinction, the School is inherently proud of its rich culture of excellence.

Privileged to be located one of the most beautiful corners of the world, the School sits on the corner of Nepean Hwy and Wooralla Drive with views across Port Phillip Bay, the School is renowned for its evolving landscape and the considerations it makes when building new learning environments. Its most recent building, ALATUS, is designed to combine technology and thinking in a purpose-built environment that challenges students to rethink their learning and teachers to reconsider their teaching, so as to ultimately discern fact from fiction. Our state-of-the-art Science Centre provides a pre-tertiary context of exploration where theoretical studies and laboratory experiences work hand in hand to deepen student’s inquisitive nature and innate understanding of the scientific world. With three gymnasiums, two outdoor heated swimming pools, soccer ovals, grass tennis courts and three ovals, the School is the benchmark for natural beauty and an exceptional learning environment.

School Schedule (Hours in day): The School runs a five-day timetable beginning at 8:35am and concluding at 3:35pm
School days in Calendar year: 185
School Holidays: Please check our website-

Community spirit is one of our core values. We have an outstanding community within current families and past families. The School is an essential part of the wider local community.

School Size: 1,300 students from three-year-old Kindergarten to Year 12
Classroom Size: Average 18 - 20
Student/Teacher Ratio: Junior 1:11 Senior 1:9

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Financial Aid:

Contact the school for fee information or visit our website-


A Kindergarten to Year 12 school, our curriculum provides a depth of learning necessary for students in the 21st century. While we are proud to be able to offer a multitude of subjects, it is the work done to enhance the depth of learning of every child within these subjects that matters most to us. We are particularly proud of our bespoke ALATUS curriculum, evolutionary in nature and driven by student interest, it is a powerful example of the transformation of education and the necessity of ensuring students learn how to think and develop the confidence and the skills to question, to challenge and to create. Our VCE program offers 34 subjects to students and enables them to choose a pathway that best suits them. With highly experienced leaders in the VCE, the program ensures that every child knows success throughout their final years at the School.

Our sporting traditions are as old as our school, yet as transformational as society today. We are inherently proud of the growth of our sporting program, in particular our women’s AFL Football team and our touch football and cricket teams. Peninsula Grammar is a member of the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV). Our Middle and Senior School students compete in the winter and summer sports competition as part of their exposure to a curriculum that spans far beyond the classroom. Significant emphasis is placed on the necessity of resilience through team commitment, skill development and sportsmanship.

We are renowned within the state of Victoria for the exceptional quality of our Performing Arts and Music Programs. Students are afforded the experience to learn from some of the most experienced and professional theatrical leaders and musicians and in so doing the richness of their experience is without equal. Our Outdoor Education programs, particularly at Year 9 and 10, further the opportunity for students to be exposed to experiences that gift them greater insight into their own passions and pursuits.

Percentage of Graduating Class: 95% of our graduating class go on to tertiary learning with the majority of students achieving one or their top 3 preferences. 24% of our graduating class achieve ATARS of 90 and above.
Support Services:

The School has a robust Wellbeing and Health Services team who work across the School to ensure the support of all students. Our Department of Learning Support also works in support of our students, guiding students with additional needs and developing Individual Learning Plans to enable them to flourish.

Summer School: No
After School Programs: Yes
Summer Camps: Yes
Student Exchange Programs: Yes
Uniform Guidelines:

Uniform is compulsory

Admission Requirements:

Peninsula Grammar is an open entry school which does have waiting lists for the majority of entry year levels.

Admissions Deadline: Offers are sent to future students 18 months in advance of the commencement date.
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be Australia’s premier coeducational day and boarding school; known globally for our quality teaching, inspired standards and the pursuit of excellence for each student.

The key to delivering the highest quality education, is the highest quality teachers. At Peninsula Grammar our teachers are exceptional in the way they teach and engage each child in every classroom nurturing and inspiring students to reach for personal excellence.

Our community spirit and steadfast commitment to positive education fosters self-belief and creativity in each child.
In a coeducational environment that reflects the way in which the world operates, our school community is shaped by Christian faith and produces active and informed global citizens.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:


Providing excellent Grammar School education since 1961.

On 6 February 1961, 86 students from Prep to Year 8 arrived at The Peninsula School. Today there are over 1,300 students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Peninsula Grammar School is renowned for the depth of learning opportunities it provides each child. As the preeminent coeducational day and boarding school on the Mornington Peninsula, we have a proud history of academic success, sporting triumph and an unrivalled landscape of learning. With enduring partnerships across China and Malaysia the School provides a truly global education.

Inspiring global students, sits at the core of who we are as educators. Seeing our boys and girls reach their full potential, no matter what interests them, is what drives us. Because inspiration is contagious, and when you inspire someone you escalate progress and growth. And that is truly inspirational to us.

School History:

When five residents of the Mornington Peninsula began talking of the need for a church associated boys’ school, there had been no new independent school in Melbourne for more than 50 years. The year was 1957 and the Mornington Peninsula was developing very rapidly, with hundreds of new families moving into the area. The dream of a new school was shared by an ever-increasing group of dedicated and enthusiastic men and women. Countless meetings were held to garner support, and fairly rapidly the dream became reality.

On 5 February 1961 the builders moved out of the newly completed single block of classrooms and the teaching staff moved in, shifting furniture and books in for the next day, the first day of school. The School’s first Headmaster, Rev. Dudley Clarke, who had an impressive ability to inspire commitment and effort in others, led the team of just eight Foundation staff. The next day 86 students from Prep to Year 8 arrived at The Peninsula School.

The Founders held on to their vision of a successful school that would provide a complete primary and secondary education for students on the Mornington Peninsula, and the School continued to thrive.

Today there are over 1,300 bright students from Kindergarten to Year 12.