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Basic Information

Address: 29230 W. 12 Mile Road Farmington Hills, MI 48334
County: Oakland
Phone Number: 248-702-6922
Principal: Michael Earls
School Type: Independent, Private

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Aim High School
Aim High School
Aim High School
Aim High School

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Additional Information

Founded: 2011
Ages/Grades: 6-12
School Schedule: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
School Size: 75 students
Classroom Size: 8 students (average)

General Diploma Program - $24,000 Applied Studies Program - $27,000

Financial Aid:



--High School and Middle School programs
--Core academics as prescribed by the MMC
--Full range of electives including drama, computer science, music, art, and technology
--Communication and life skills
--Health and wellness
--After school homework groups with teachers
--Transition planning including college visits, ACT prep, and job internships
--Fifth year option for dual enrollment at post-secondary school

Support Services:

Reading Specialist
Assistive Technology

Camp Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Computer Capabilities:

Laptops and/or computers are available in every classroom. We also offer computer programming/coding courses as part of our Technology Track curriculum.

School Clubs:


Parking Spaces/Availability:

Parking lot

Admissions Deadline: Rolling enrollment
Mission Statement:

Aim High School is dedicated to the academic and social success of 6th-12th grade students with autism, anxiety disorders, and attention deficits. We believe strong teacher-student relationships and small classes are key to developing students’ abilities, talents, and interests. We design personalized curriculum to engage students in a learning experience that combines strong academics and life skills. Whether college or work bound, we aim to produce graduates with integrity and character ready to lead independent and rewarding lives.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

A general education solution addressing special learning needs

School History:

Parents, teachers, and community members passionate about providing a safe, appropriate, educational environment for teens with Asperger's Syndrome and similar learning styles combined their efforts and Aim High School was born - opening its doors in September 2011.

Programs and Services:

Small classes
After School Program for homework and clubs
Summer Semester and Tech Camp
Fifth Year Option
Transition Planning
Reading Specialist
PT/OT/Speech offered through local school district

Notes/School Information:

Aim High is a 6th-12th grade, tuition-based private school that provides an educational alternative where students feel safe and can focus on academics, health & wellness, and communication & life skills -- a place where they are not overwhelmed by the size, noise, and social expectations of a large school. Our small class sizes provide our faculty the opportunity to get to know students and families on a personal level.

A college-ready curriculum that encompasses academic, social, emotional, and physical education is tailored to each student's interests, skills, and needs. Personal curriculums, accommodations, and assessments allow us to provide an individualized education to encourage each student to achieve his best and to be prepared for an independent future.