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Basic Information

Address: 2180 Julian Ave, Palm Bay, FL
County: FL
School District: Private
Phone Number: 3213450861
Fax Number: 3217656434
President: Pamela Furr
Principal: Valerie Forte
School Type: Private

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Puzzle Box Academy
Puzzle Box Academy
Puzzle Box Academy
Puzzle Box Academy

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Additional Information

Accreditation: National Accreditation Council
Founded: 2014
Organization Affiliation: Kaleidoscope Interventions
Ages/Grades: 2-13
School Setting:

Small classrooms with direct instruction and data-driven personalized curriculum using the morning side method. Our school is designed to help students who have developmental delays, such as autism, catch up and get ahead!

School Schedule: 8
School days in Calendar Year: 180
School Holidays: All federal holidays
School Size: 100 students
Classroom Size: 10
Student/Teacher Ratio: 5:1


Financial Aid:

Available also Scholarships

Support Services:

On-Site ABA Therapy & Academic Enrichment

Camp Programs: Yes
Summer School: Yes
After School Programs: Yes
Uniform Guidelines:

No uniforms

Mission Statement:

The mission of Puzzle Box Academy is to provide comprehensive, individualized, science-based education not available in our community. We believe children with developmental delays, like autism, deserve the opportunity to reach their full academic and social potential. The school’s curriculum, combined with the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, provides effective treatment and education programs to children and their families. We also make our facility available for Speech and Occupational Therapy from other providers.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Education at Puzzle Box Academy Is:
Highly individualized with an extremely low student-to-teacher ratio
Comprehensive, covering routine academic topics to practical life skills.
Science-based using Applied Behavior Analysis and Morningside Curriculum models.
Engaging and challenging, yet nurturing.
Designed to help develop your child.

School History:

Puzzle Box Academy was founded in 2014 by Pamela Furr and James Holz. Pamela, a mother of a child with Autism, saw the need for high-quality early intervention. So they set out to provide a school where families could rely on their children to get the special attention they deserved without the obstacles most families face in public schools. Pamela believed families should focus on what is important at home; confidence, security, love, and acceptance of our children's quirks. Families should not have to battle the system for the special environments their children need to thrive.

Puzzle Box Academy is the first school in Florida to provide the Morningside Academy Curriculum and teaching methodology and follow Florida State Standards. The Morningside Model of Generative Instruction combines precision teaching specific basic skills through guided intensive instruction and practice followed by opportunities for generalizing learning to the wider world. Through this evidence-based model, complex behavioral skills emerge without explicit instruction when well-selected component responses are appropriately sequenced, carefully instructed, and well-rehearsed.

We encourage you to learn more about our autism schools for students with developmental delays. There's a Puzzle Box Academy near you with Palm Bay, Melbourne, Rockledge, and coming soon, Viera.