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Basic Information

Address: 11200 Blume Ave. Houston, TX
Phone Number: 9794739822
Director: Tony Boulanger

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Additional Information

Courses Offered:

Private Pilot License
Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot license
Advance Aviation Training Device
Bi-Annual Reviews
High Performance

School Setting:

Flight training offered by experienced Third Coast Aviation LLC ("TCA") professionals at historic Ellington Field ("EFD") - a winning combination! We're excited for you to join the ranks of our student pilots training with us, and eventually our TCA Student Association.

Before your first flight training class…

So now that you've decided to join our group of students working towards their private pilots' license or further ratings or licenses, there are a few items that you will need to bring with you to your first flight after your Discovery Flight:

* Required prior to your solo flight. TCA can help you through the application process, which takes up to 30 minutes to complete. Once your application is in with the FAA, your CFI sponsors your student certificate prior to its issuance, which can take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

** TCA can refer you to Aviation Medical Examiner to secure this or you can locate one yourself from the FAA website. AOPA provides more information on their website as well.

*** Required prior to your solo flight. TCA can refer you to a renters insurance firm that matches your requirements, but it must have a $10,000 aircraft damage liability. AVEMCO and AOPA are often used.


Third Coast Aviation charges based on hours of instruction, as we can not guarantee that any student will finish their license/goals within any set number of hours. The average hours of training to recieve the Private Pilot's license is between 50 - 55 hours, as an example. The minimum requirement is 40 hours.

Depending on equipment flown, the average 2 hour Private Pilot lesson will cost between $200 - $250 with an instructor. The Average Cost per hour for a student in solo training is between $120 - $160, depending on equipment used.

Private Pilot License budget - $9,000
Instrument Rating - $7,500
Commercial Pilot License Budget - $35,000
Average costs for all Exams, fees and equipment - $7,500

Total Budget for Student going from Private to Commercial = $59,000

Financial Aid:

Student Loans may be applied for, once Private Pilot License is attained

Our Aircrafts:

Archer II, PA 28-181
Grumman Tiger AG-5B
Grumman Cheetah AA-5A

Flight Simulation? Yes
Disability Services:

No disability programs, but more than willing to work within the guidelines of FAA.

Admissions Requirements:

-  Be a U.S. Citizen or a Foriegn National with TSA authorization to take flying lessons
-  Be at leas 16 years old for student pilot license,
-  Be at least 17 years old to recieve Pilot's License and, 
-  Be at least 18 years old to recieve Commercial Pilot's license
-  Attain a flight medical from an authorized FAA flight doctor
-  Be fluent in English

Application/Transfer Deadlines:

No Deadlines

Mission Statement:

Third Coast Aviation (TCA) is dedicated to creating safe, proficient and knowledgeable pilots period.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Third Coast Aviation LLC loves and appreciates our community, and we love to give back by ensuring that students are trained by the most senior and knowledgeable Certified Flight Instructors possible. We do not fly for hours, but fly for proficiency, and safety is always our first priority.

Additional Information:

Flight Training

Third Coast Aviation’s flight training is differentiated from other flight schools because:

  • we have an ELITE Systems P-1000 professional 5 screen system, an advanced aviation training device, so our students and pilots can train on the best platforms;
  • we provide group ground school provided by one of our Master Certified Ground School Instructors,
  • we provide instrument rating training with our IFR certified aircraft as well as our two Sr. Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument (CFII); and
  • we focus on creating a community for our students and pilots.

Third Coast Aviation LLC Facilities

While Third Coast Aviation LLC has operations at many airports, we have offices in the following airports:

  • headquarters at Ellington Field, EFD (website) (AOPA listing) (AATD)
  • Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport, LBX (website) (AOPA listing)

Third Coast Aviation LLC Resources

Third Coast Aviation LLC loves and appreciates our community, and we love to give back by doing doing aviation related presentations for organizations such as:

  • Boy Scouts of America boy scout troops and cub scout packs
  • LIONS clubs
  • Rotary clubs
  • Exchange clubs
  • Business networking groups
  • city councils
  • economic alliance councils and alliances (like Brazoria county’s The Alliance as a 2017 member)
  • chambers of commerce (like Angleton’s CC as a 2017 member or Brazosport’s CC as a 2017 member)