Alexander Academy

Basic Information

Address: 55 Massachusetts Avenue
Phone Number: 9783450011
President: Phyllis Gertsios

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Additional Information

School Type: Career School, Trade School
Degrees Offered:

1000 hour Barber Certificate, 1000 hour Cosmetology Certificate

School Size: 6,000 Sq ft
Classroom Size: 25 students per class
Student/Teacher Ratio: 10/1
School Holidays: Christmas Break 1 week, 4th of July Break 1 week, National Holidays
Housing Availability:


Housing Type: N/A


Financial Aid:

Is available for those who qualify

Disability Services:

ADA Compliance


Classroom and Clinic Floor Practices





School Championships:


Parking Spaces/Availability:

50 Cars



Study Abroad:


Computer Capabilities:


Admissions Requirements:

Be at least 16 years of age
Have a High School Diploma or a GED
Social Security Number
Photo ID
$100 Registration Fee

Application/Transfer Deadlines:

Monthly enrollment is available

International Students:


Mission Statement:

Alexander Academy’s mission is to provide excellent training for Barbering and Cosmetology students.  Our students will be prepared for the Massachusetts State Boards of Cosmetology or Barber examinations and for entry level jobs through effective lesson planning and demonstrations of techniques while enforcing discipline and moral values.  Training at Alexander Academy is administered by Licensed Instructors carefully selected to teach in increments effective for all types of learning styles, which cater to the needs of each individual student.  We instill professionalism in each student and provide the most up-to date training information. Our track record proves our graduates reach their potential for an entry-level position in a salon or barbershop and with this mission in mind we continuously strive for excellence in teaching our students to reach their highest potential in this industry.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

To educate is to liberate.

Notable Graduates/Alumni:

Many over the past 15 years

Social Media:

Facebook: Alexander Academy
Instagram: AlexanderAcademy

Additional Information:

Operates Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm