Faith Bible College International

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Basic Information

Address: 29 Main Road Charleston, ME 04422
Phone Number: (207) 285-3373
President: Dr. Matthew M. Ward

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Faith Bible College International
Faith Bible College International

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Additional Information

School Type: Bible College
Degrees Offered:

Cornerstone Certificate (1 year), Associate, Bachelor

School Setting:

Rural, country

School Size: <100
Classroom Size: <30
Student/Teacher Ratio: 3:1
Housing Availability:


Housing Type: Dormitory
Diversity: Approximately 20% International Students

1,500 per year

Financial Aid:

Private assistance through FBCI Work Study, limited scholarships


Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Basketball

Parking Spaces/Availability:

Student Parking available


Theological Studies

Computer Capabilities:

Students are required to have a personal computer.

Admissions Requirements:

Application Requirements

Faith Bible College International requires all applicants to meet certain basic requirements for admission. Applicants must:

•   be a born-again Christian

•   have references that demonstrate Christian character

•   be of reasonably sound mental, physical, and spiritual health


Admissions Requirements

Though the student may be accepted, to attend, the student must:

•   be age 17* or older

•   have completed High School or the equivalent


*All students who are under the age of 18 must agree to FBCI’s minor policies, and have parental/guardian consent before attending.

Application/Transfer Deadlines:

August 1st for fall semesters
December 1st for spring semesters

International Students:

Approximately 20% of the student body is International

Mission Statement:

We produce professional, Pentecostal, servant-leaders who make a world of difference in fulfilling the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Summer Sessions:


Social Media:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter