Mount Carmel Youth Ranch

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Basic Information

Address: 428 Rd 1AF Powell Wyoming, 82435
County: Park
School District: Park County
Phone Number: 307-645-3322
Fax Number: 307-645-3054
President: Tom George
School Type: Catholic Therapeutic Boarding School

Action Shots

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch
Mount Carmel Youth Ranch
Mount Carmel Youth Ranch
Mount Carmel Youth Ranch

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Additional Information

Founded: 1991
Ages/Grades: 12-17 years old
School Setting:

In the country on a working cattle ranch

School Size: 25
Classroom Size: 10
Student/Teacher Ratio: eight students to one teacher

$6000.00 per month

Financial Aid:

yes when available




Seton press

Percentage of Graduating Class: 90%
Support Services:

Counseling and individual therapy

Camp Programs: Yes
After School Programs: No
Computer Capabilities:

Yes but no internet access

School Championships:


School Clubs:

Boxing club, horse club

Notable Graduates:

Millitary officer

Uniform Guidelines:

Western ranch wear

Admissions Requirements:

Through interview

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is a Catholic Therapeutic Boarding School for troubled teens or at-risk youth. We use real life experiences on a cattle ranch to dignify and increase the self-esteem of the troubled youth. Our "Real Life Therapy" is in a true western setting, and is accomplished with a Catholic morality focus. We help mend the troubled youths relationships within the family as well as build a moral conscience within the boy. This is accomplished by educating the mind, strengthening the body, and elevating the spirit. We have a Catholic Faith focus that addresses the deeper causes of the immoral lifestyle choices of the young men who are sent to our ranch.
Mount Carmel Youth Ranch is located on a real working cattle ranch in Northern Wyoming near Cody and the east entrance to
Yellowstone National Park.

School History:

Mount Carmel Youth Ranch was founded by Jerry and Mickey Schneider in 1991.
Mickey and Jerry have always felt that their calling was to be parents. Since 1967, when the first troubled youth came to live with them, they have extended this parenting beyond their own family. Over the years, more troubled youth who were in need of some help would come and stay with the Schneider's. Then in November of 1991, while working cattle on the mountain, Jerry's horse somersaulted over the top of him. He awoke in the hospital to find that he had lost movement on one side of his body. Knowing how unforgivable Wyoming can be to a cowboy, and how even the strongest, sometimes can't make it, Jerry wondered how he could continue to run his ranch with a disability such as this.

The origin of Mount Carmel Youth Ranch: After thinking and praying about it, a couple young men offered their assistance, to help the ranch stay afloat. After those original two troubled youth, they just kept coming. Through his accident, Jerry learned that his true calling was in helping troubled youth find themselves, the way that God created them. He found the rewards of this greater than those found raising cattle, “so now we do both”.

Notes/School Information:

Our schools for troubled teens provide students with the opportunity to learn at their own pace and receive individual attention. It is also an effective way of helping those with learning disabilities and motivational challenges. Often, struggling students will catch up to their age group within a year’s time. The goal of MTC is to encourage them to take possession of their own education. Many go on to college and are academic achievers. Several learned so much from our school for troubled teens that they are serving our country in the U.S. military; they are making the country a safer place for us all